Nerdcake of the Week: Futurama Cupcakes

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Futurama Cupcakes by Unicorn Magic Baking Co. (photo courtesy of Unicorn Magic Baking Co.)

I was clued into this week’s nerdcake by Cupcakes Take the Cake. While Rachel of CTTC hasn’t watched the show, I have and it makes these cupcakes all the more adorable. We have the Unicorn Magic Baking Company out of LA to thank for these hilarious creations.

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2 Responses to Nerdcake of the Week: Futurama Cupcakes

  1. alexis rowehl

    I think it is awsome that you are making futurama cupcakes but you should put futurama cake too cause for my birthday that is what my theme is going to be futurama i love futurama so i am going to have a birthday that i will never forget so you should have a cake with everyone on it thank you for your time have a wonderful day !!!! <3 :)

    your fan ,
    Alexis Rowehl <3

  2. Unicorn Magic

    Alexis! Just saw this! We would have totally made you a Futurama cake! That’s the magic in Unicorn Magic. Whatever you want! Maybe this year for your birthday…

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