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Crocheted Cupcakes

By on Friday, July 31st, 2009




Crocheted Cupcakes by Stayhomecupcake.

Cupcake Couture – Girls Shoes

By on Friday, July 31st, 2009


Cupcake couture – Bianca Black $19.99


Cupcake couture – Catrina Multi/Pink $19.99


Cupcake couture – Cc-mid White/Multi $29.99

They do not currently offer online purchasing. Please enter your size and they will let you know which store has it available. Available at Rack Room Shoes.

Cupcake Bakery Weighs in on Health Care

By on Friday, July 31st, 2009

Cupcake Royale

Who knew cupcakes have even made its way into the national health care debate? Oh the power of the simple cupcake.

Seattle’s Cupcake Royale owner, Jody Hall, has weighed in with her thoughts on the effect of rising health care costs on her small business.

… Hall says something has to be done about the expense of providing health coverage. She says her premiums have increased 20 percent in each of the past few years, and a couple of years ago, they went up 40 percent.

“It’s unsustainable to manage that kind of expense hike, so we are forced to cut our quality of coverage to make it more affordable, and that doesn’t do much for society,” she says.” A lot of small businesses are doing that or cutting insurance altogether.”

Additionally, Jody took part in a White House discussion and gave her perspective about the challenges of health care costs for small businesses.

Miss Cupcake Vinyl Toy

By on Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Miss Cupcake
Miss Cupcake is made from only the freshest materials to produce pure confectionary deliciousness. With a variety of flavours, she can delight even the pickiest of cupcake connoisseurs. She is also loyal and friendly and rarely bites back. Take her home today and start enjoying your new life together.
Designed by olive47 and produced by Dreamland Toyworks.
release date: August 1, 2009
Suggested Retail cost :$10.95

Available through, please see for additional retail locations. You may also want to check out

Cupcake Piñata (Available in Pink, Yellow or Blue)

By on Thursday, July 30th, 2009


Cupcake Piñata (Available in Pink, Yellow or Blue) $44.99

Dig in! There’s plenty of good stuff to go around. Made from the finest ingredients, it includes six newborn diapers, two burp cloths, washcloth, fork, spoon and a milky soft fabric blanket. As an extra bonus, there’s a few more baby gifts tucked inside. You’ll find a bib, plush toy and rattle for baby beneath all that gooey goodness. Features and facts:

• Available in strawberry (pink), lemon (yellow) and blueberry (blue)
• Ingredients include: six newborn diapers, soft fabric blanket, two burp cloths, washcloth, fork and spoon
• Surprise center includes: bib, plush toy and rattle (Contents May Vary)
• No stick needed—this is not a real piñata
• Measures 17” tall

Available at Corner Stork Baby Gifts.

Obama Declares Cupcakes Good for Health

By on Thursday, July 30th, 2009

In a speech given in North Carolina, President Obama pronounced cupcakes to be good for your life.   :)  Watch the speech below, it happens within the first two minutes of the video.

Cupcake Fairies

By on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cupcake 013

cupcake 129

cupcake 003

Not just a knitted cupcake! This is home to a cupcake fairy. Lift the frosting lid and tucked inside is a tiny fairy complete with hand embroidered tunic, petal skirt, and acorn hat. The cupcake is fully lined for the fairy’s comfort but her favorite place when not sleeping is perched on top of the cupcake. ‘coconut breeze’ is of milk chocolate yarn with a fluffy white coconut frosting. The blue button enclosure opens to a cotton flowered lining.

This item has tiny parts and is not suitable for young children but is ideal for gentle hands of ages 6 through 100.

Available flavors (cupcake bottom) include: chocolate cake, caramel cake, pistachio(bright green), lemon poundcake, strawberry, angel food, vanilla cream cake, blueberry.    Frostings include: pink marshmallow, chocolate fudge, white coconut, vanilla with sprinkles, caramel, lemon chiffon.

Please specify: boy/girl, blonde/brunette.   Acorn cap style and frosting yarn will vary according to availability.

These are sold and used as examples only.

Please visit Sweet Nothings By Nisa, for more information.