Valentines Day Fever!

By on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Everyone seems to be busy doing something for, or thinking about the upcoming event next Monday… that is Valentines Day.  For me I am not too sure what to do, I will have to get my fiance a card, but I don’t love all that soppy love stuff, it is right for some people, but not for me, so I think I am going to get a blank card with some amazing scenery on the front, and inside will write something alluding to our past travels and our future travels inside it…

I will also bake some cupcakes (thank goodness a Sunday precedes the day this year!).  So I was looking for some inspiration and stumbled on one our sponsor’s blogs.  The Cupcake Tower write some  great posts and this one features a image gallery of the colours fuchsia pink and yellow, oh and there is a bit of orange in there too.  I love it, really inspiring and fresh and a great idea for my valentines day theme, leaning away from the traditional red!

But if real cupcakes are not your thing, then you can always buy a cupfake and there is a great deal going on at the moment on these fun cupcakes.  Check out Forever MK Cupcakes, another ATC sponsor for a great range of cupcakes and best of all with their Valentines Day code (visible on their home page) you can get 15% off any order over $10.  But like all good things, it is for a limited time only so get in quick!

Whatever you do though!  Have a great day and even if you don’t believe in the Valentines Day hype, you can still give your beau a big kiss :)

Valentines Day made easy!

By on Monday, January 31st, 2011

Want the sentiment but don’t have the time?

Well how about a really simple but really effective cupcake?

Too hard, well, how about a simple picture tutorial with no words?

Well that is what Pilli Pilli has provided with their simple but amazing Valentines Cupcakes!

Super cute Valentines Day cupcake idea

By on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

When I first saw these little cupcakes I thought they were those little plastic lipgloss cupcake containers that you can buy, but on closer inspection I discovered these are super gorgeous little chocolate coated cupcakes!  The image and idea is from Hero Cake Pops.

To create these, Hero Cake Pops picked up a chocolate cupcake mould from her local cake shop then after creating the outsides in the mould filled the inside with cake pop.  The result… fab cute little gifts for your special man / woman or if you can’t choose one person then these make an economical way to share your love this Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day and Cupcakes

By on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

This time of year is the best cupcake hunting time. It seems that so many retailers pair Valentine’s Day and cupcakes and I love it! Here’s some of the sweet items I found yesterday in Target’s dollar section:

Cupcake socks, dry erase board, oven mitt and pot holder and cupcake erasers. They also had cupcake shirts for small dogs.

Facebook fan, Lindsey also found this cupcake bank at her Target.

I have also had Valentine cupcake sightings at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and my favorite Kohl’s.

Kohl’s cupcake placemats, wreath, table runner and vinyl tablecloth.  These photos only show half of what they have available this year.   All are so sweet and so tempting! 

Please click on the comment area below and let us know about your cupcake sightings this week.  

A Dozen Long-Stemmed Cupcakes

By on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Valentine’s Day gift giving can get complicated. There as so many choices: flowers, cupcakes, adorable stuffed animals, a massage at the spa…mmmm, massage at the spa… So which one should you get your sweetie? Ok, after you make sure to get that massage for your significant other (and one for you, too!), I recommend making your life easier by getting two gifts in one: a cupcake bouquet.

Two cupcakeries with notable bouquet showings are Bettie’s Cakes of Saratoga Springs, New York and The Blushing Bakery of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The Blushing Bakery chooses to go with five pink (fitting!) frosting cupcakes arranged in a bucket.  Bettie’s Cakes does a classic dozen red roses in a long florist’s box.  Either way, that’s some fancy frosting work. Too good to eat? Never!

Sweetheart and Sourpuss: Valentine’s Cupcakes by Cakelab

By on Friday, February 5th, 2010

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers. So what the heck are you supposed to if you’re single?  Cakelab of NYC has a solution: their Sourpuss Cupcake Pack. Instead of the usual romantic sentiments, the Sourpuss pack features conversation dot cupcakes with messages like “H8 You”, “Let it go”, and “WTF”.  You can also drown your sorrows in the accompanying Sourpuss pack flavors of banana split, chocolate chip cookie dough and black bottom.

Cakelab is not one to drive off customers – they’ve got a Sweetheart pack too, for those who have them :) This assortment comes with more conventionally messaged champagne-flavored conversation dots as well as red velvet, chocolate turtle, and chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes.

I really appreciate Cakelab’s approach to cupcakes for the upcoming heart-shaped holiday. They’re willing to be typically adorable and inventively bitter, thus capturing both sides of the Valentine’s Day market.

The Valentine Report: Cupcake Edition

By on Thursday, February 4th, 2010

You’ve seen it here at All Things Cupcake, you’ve seen it everywhere:  the  pink and red and heart-shaped wave has come and it’s sweeping up our favorite little confection in its wake.  Red Velvet cupcakes are enjoying a seasonal bump in popularity (no surprise there) as cupcakeries across the nation make a run on flavors in the right color range. Ex-pat bakery Little Miss Cupcake is taking the trend to Paris with their special Valentine’s flavors La Vie En Rose, Linger, & Go All The Way.  In my own hometown, Cupcake Royale just came out with this year’s version of the Deathcake Royale,  a chocolate-packed supercake that’s only available for two weeks per annum right before Valentine’s Day.

This is just a proverbial taste of what is to come.  All Things Cupcake is here to bring you daily coverage on the latest in Valentine’s Day themed-cupcakes (and cupcake shaped items!).