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Swirlz Cupcakes Gears up for the Holidays

By on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Swirlz Cupcakes of Chicago has holiday cupcakes ready for local pickup or delivery!

swirlz holiday cupcakes

Eggnog – Spicy nutmeg vanilla cake with a layer of white chocolate ganache and topped with rich eggnog buttercream

Pink Peppermint Stick – Rich chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate ganache and topped off with two-toned pink buttercream and a mint candy

Gingerbread – Old-fashioned gingerbread cake, a layer of white chocolate ganache, topped with cream cheese buttercream

swirlz halloween cupcakes

Chocolate Marshmallow

Deliciously moist chocolate cake filled with a fluffy marshmallow center,
layers of chocolate ganache and marshmallow buttercream,
topped with a happy skull and crossbones


Swirlz Cupcakes

705 w. belden, chicago, il
phone:  773.404.2253
fax:  773.404.2255

Cupcake Invitations

By on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
The company I work for sells Cupcake Invitations & I LOVE them. Too bad I haven’t had a chance to use them, but maybe you will!
Custom Printed Cupcake Invitations

Custom Printed Cupcake Invitations

Elle Macpherson Cupcake Collection

By on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Unlike some cupcake undergarments there are no actual cupcakes this time. Here cupcake is only used in the title.    I thought I’d post it anyway since Elle Macpherson Intimates are always elegant and if you are wearing it under your clothes you will still know that what you have on has to do with what you love, cupcakes!  The Elle Macpherson Cupcake Collection has two bra and two underwear styles to choose from.  I found them on Zodee, which is offering a special, buy the bra and get the matching underwear free.  I also know that Nordstroms carries Elle Macpherson Intimates, the website did not show the cupcake line but you could always check with your local store.  And just to mention, since October is breast cancer awareness month, Nordstroms has a special where for every bra you buy in one of their stores they donate $2.oo to support Susan G. Komen for the cure. So you could buy the bra and get something free for you or buy a bra and do something good for others.

elle macpherson cupcake braelle macpherson cupcake underwear

Halloweeny Cupcakes!

By on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
Here are come funky and fun looking cupcakes to make for your Halloween celebrations!(click on picture to follow link)
Get Witchy with These Cupcakes …
Witch Cupcakes

Witch Cupcakes

Did Someone Say Monster Mash?

Monster Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

If I Only Had a Brain …

Brain Cupcakes

Brain Cupcakes

Fall Cupcake Accessories

By on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Just yesterday, California was suffering through another 90-100 degree Indian summer day.  The last throes of summer refusing to leave.  In a dramatic 24 hour reversal, it is now a brisk 60 degrees; the wind that has been absent for so long is back.  Fall is here, and winter is just around the corner.

With fall comes the sniffles and the cold, and Ditsy Daisies delivers again with two new cupcake items.  The first are reusable cupcake hand warmers.  They  come in a pack of 2 and easily fit into handbags or pockets.

Cupcake Handwarmers

The second are adorable cupcake pocket hankies.  These thick 3-ply hankies the come in packs of 2.  Instant relief for cold runny noses!

cupcake tissues

Martha Stewart Halloween Cupcake Wrappers at Michaels

By on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Halloween is just a little over a month away which means you can begin getting ready for holiday events, haunted houses, costume parties, and school parties.  Michaels Craft Stores has a great selection of wrappers including these two Halloween options provided by Martha Stewart.  There are Skull and Spider wrappers which have so much detail they are a little spooky. spider and pumpkin wrappers

and there is also Witch cupcake wrappers that come in beautiful colors to match the fall foliage.

witch wrappersThe two wrapper styles are available at Michael’s stores, not online.  The Martha Stewart Baking section at my local Macy’s had an additional wrapper style.

Elephant Cupcakes

By on Monday, September 28th, 2009

Patty, AKA Vampire Gran, designed a beautiful elephant cupcake that does not take many resources to pull off.  Needed materials are a couple pastry bags, two decorating tips #804 and #124, and chocolate chips for eyes.  Full step by step photos and instructions were immensely helpful.

elephant cupcake (1)

elephant cupcake