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Katy Perry in Cupcake

By on Monday, August 31st, 2009

Singer Katy Perry of “I Kissed a Girl” fame has taken her embrace of cupcake to a new level.  At first it was eating cupcakes…
Katy Perry love cupcakes

Then it was accessorizing with a cute cupcake handbag.

Now she is wearing cupcake too. :)

katy perry cupcake fight

More August 2009 Cupcake Tattoos

By on Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Innovative and bold cupcake tattoos sent in by our dear readers.  Some people choose to hide small cupcakes on their bodies, and others display their love and interests for all to see.

Cupcake Skull Tattoo (Medium)

this is my 28th birthday present to myself,
tattoo by ryan at holdfast, perth,australia.
hope you like as much as i do

Angel Devil Cupcake

i got these done at a different image tattoo in midwest city, oklahoma by frank. he is an amazing artist and he is going to do my sleeve of cupcakes.


Cherry Cupcake Tattoo (Medium)

Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m from South Jersey. I’m starting Pastry School in a few days, so yesterday I decided to get a cupcake tattoo on my hip. It is my first tattoo (since I just turned 18 in may) and probably my last, but I love it! I came across this website looking for ideas, so I figured I’d send mine in now that it’s finished. Thanks for the inspiration!

CupKates Cupcake Truck in San Francisco Bay Area

By on Friday, August 28th, 2009

CupKates Cupcake Truck

CupKates Bakery joins mobile cupcake fray with a cupcake truck that serves the East Bay area.  CupKates announces that its cupcakes are baked fresh daily using only the highest quality ingredients, including Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Guittard chocolate, and Clover sweet cream butter and milk.  I’ll be making a trip with my family to taste for myself!

According to their twitter page, it seems like CupKates is still figuring out their cupcake truck route.  Take the time to sound off to encourage them to stop by your home or office!

August Cupcake Tattoos

By on Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Beautiful cupcake tattoo designs this month include:

Cupcake tattoo1

Michelle from Las Vegas wrote: I came across your web site a few weeks ago and am amazed by all the cupcake lovers who are just like me!  So I thought I would share my little gem. I just love it. Your site is amazing!  I found so many neat items to add to my collection. Keep up all the good work so all us lovers out here can have our cupcakes 24/7!!

cupcake tattoo chelsea

Chealsea from Maryland wrote: HEY GUYS!!! I LOVE CUPCAKES!! My best friend and I make them every time we are together!!! My brother Vaughn did a tattoo on my hip of a cute cupcake I hope you guys can post it!! It was done at pinz and needlez in Maryland :) I love it

Boob and Belly Cupcake Toppers

By on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar of Las Vegas, NV offer these unique cupcake toppers.  Somehow I am not surprised that they are located in Las Vegas! :)

Baby Shower Gifts – Diaper Cupcakes

By on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

I often have a difficult time figuring out a great gift for baby showers.  After all, not only the baby receiving this gift, but the mom as well.  Typical gifts such as infant toys, baby consumables, gift certificates are all good choices, but they seem to be a little lacking in imagination.  

Diaper cupcakes present a convenient solution.  It is both imminently practical, has visual impact as a gift, and entirely customizable to any theme relevant for the baby and family you have in mind.  

If you like craftsy or hands-on projects, these step-by-step instructions will help you get started. Here are some diaper cupcake visuals to inspire your creativity:

Of course professionally made cupcakes gifts are also available.  One vendor, Baby Sweet Treat, makes not only cupcakes, but sundaes and lollipops as well.

Philadelphia Cupcake Truck

By on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

philly cupcake truck

Joining a growing list of metropolitan cities served by the growing cupcake truck trend is Philadelphia.  Buttercream was started by Kate Carrara who turned a career in law into a career in sweets.  

For more information, go to or follow her latest specials and locations at