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Robots and Donuts

By on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

While browsing a convention in San Jose, California. I was able to enjoy Eric Joyner’s artistic works.  A collection of his work is presented in a book titled simply, “Donuts & Robots“. Eric happened to be there in person, and my first question to him was, “Do you have any illustrations with cupcakes?”. Unfortunately, the answer was no; however, I think all of us can enjoy the art of a sweet relative of the cupcake.

Michael Jackson Cupcakes

By on Monday, June 29th, 2009

Love him or hate him, he was undeniably a genius.  I found it fascinating that people have started to use cupcakes to express their feeling.  Now cupcakes aren’t only found at weddings, but also in mournings.

Here are some photos of Michael Jackson Cupcakes that have appeared nationwide.

Seattle’s Trophy Cupcakes

By on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Vanilla Chocolate Cupcake

Beautiful writeup and photos by the Seattle PI on a local cupcake shop named Trophy Cupcakes.  My Seattle friends tell me that it is worth a second look… and a third.  I am staring at the photos with a little envy.  Where were the cupcake stores when I was growing up in Seattle?

6-Pack Baby Cupcakes with Embellishment (Boy & Girl)

By on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009


6-Pack Baby Cupcakes $35

Looking for a quick baby gift already gift wrapped? These baby cupcakes look good enough to eat! They are made of  layette pieces packaged inside a real cupcake box. Each 6-pack cupcake gift box contains: (3) onesies, (2) bibs, and (1) wash cloth. All the baby garments are cleverly decorated ……well….like cupcakes. Available in colors for girl (pink), boy (blue), and yellow (neutral). Baby Boy Layette Cupcakes are decorated with blue embellishments and gift wrapped with ribbons.

Available from claudiayazzy’s etsy shop

Orange County Cupcake Van

By on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Sprinkle Cupcake Van

Last month, ATC observed the growing mobile cupcake trend on the east coast.  Just this monday, Sprinkles, the Beverly Hills-based chain, launched its cupcake-shop-on-wheels experiment to serve cupcake goodness to the Orange County.

“Yes, we want to take the Sprinklesmobile to the O.C.,” said Nicole Schwartz, a rep for Sprinkles Cucpakes, which has a shop in Corona del Mar.

Schwartz said “stay tuned” for more details as “we haven’t plotted out our
schedule yet.”

The chain will “Tweet” its Los Angeles locations on its new mobile Twitter account: @sprinklesmobile.

Are Cupcakes Dangerous To Children’s Health?

By on Monday, June 22nd, 2009

apple cupcake

Cupcake are often times used as symbols.  Usually cupcakes symbolize something happy and delightful, but lately it has been invoked in a growing debate regarding school food policies.  There is no doubt that childhood obesity is a growing problem, but is school food to blame?  If it is, what is the necessary reform needed?

In the heated debate, school boards are considering banning some foods from the school entirely including cupcakes.  A board member asks, hopefully rhetorically:

“They can’t have cupcakes? … One birthday party a month?” she said. “…I think it’s better to have happy children. They learn better, it’s pleasant for all. Along with the healthy foods, the kids have to be happy.” – The Evil Cupcake

In another article, a worried pediatrician retorts:

In a typical classroom of 26 children, there are up to 26 days of birthday cupcakes to contend with. Then you add in celebrations for holidays, and many classes have a party every week. There are many healthy birthday options, and we can use them to celebrate our children’s birthdays without sacrificing their health. – NYT Letters

What do our dear ATC readers feel about this issue?  Should cupcakes be banned from schools?  Or is it throwing the baby out with the bath water?

London Cupcake Contest

By on Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Winning Cupcake

The results are out from the Londonist Cupcake Throwdown.  Faircake Bakeries takes first prize with a magnificent domination of the judging categories with its limoncello and white chocolate cupcake.  The rules for the throwdown were quite different from other contests, prizing natural colors and balance of flavors.

Faircake Bakeries was nice enough to share the winning cupcake recipe with the general public as well.   You guys know what I will be doing this weekend.