Cupcake and bird tattoos

By on Friday, January 21st, 2011

Today I found one of the most beautiful cupcake tattoos I have seen.  It combines the love of cupcakes with a love of birds into one amazing tattoo.  This one I found by way of  Stephen Young.  The tattoo however is by Curtis Burgess from Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Although I am unlikely to have a tattoo like this I would love this picture as a piece of art!

Have you got a tattoo that covers your love of cupcakes and something else special in your life?  If so why not share it with us so that we can increase our amazing collection of cupcake tattoos and inspire future tattoos!

Cupcake tattoo alight

By on Saturday, January 15th, 2011

This cupcake tattoo is from Revolution Ink.  You may remember that we featured them last week with the story of Angie, and the remembrance of her through the ongoing design of bright, colorful and unique cupcakes.

I had so many amazing photos and gorgeous ideas I just couldn’t fit them all into the one post, so today I thought I would show you another one of those cupcake tattoos.

I love the big lick of flame on top of this cupcake, but more than the tattoo itself, I love this really edgy and beautiful photograph below.  It really shows the fantastic colors of the cupcake tattoo on this man’s arm.

Cupcake Tattoos for Angie

By on Friday, January 7th, 2011

You know that we love to feature cupcake tattoos, and why not, there are so many amazing designs around, and behind each is a skilled and talented artist who create, design and ink those images, a piece of artwork which will last for a lifetime.  So today I thought I would explore where one particular tattoo parlor got its cupcake inspiration from.

Angelia was a baker, she loved to make cupcakes and Angie dreamt of owning her own cupcake bakery one day.  She had a few cupcake tattoos on her done by the guys at Revolution Ink.  Angie specifically requested bright and beautiful tattoos and they were admired by many, even people not interested in tattoos.

Unfortunately when Angie passed away, it left a hole  in the hearts of those who knew her and posed an issue as to how a funeral could be funded.  The guys at Revolution Ink decided to offer cupcake tattoos to raise the funds, and so many people took them up, that they raised over $3,000.  Even now they still get so many requests for these bright and beautiful cupcake tattoos which first started with Angie’s originals.

These photos above are some of the tattoos created in remembrance of Angie, and below is the large colorful tattoo that Angie had done on her back.

Cupcake tattoos for angels

By on Monday, November 8th, 2010

Today I am privileged to be able to share with you two awesome cupcake tattoos from our readers!  The first is not so much an angel looking tattoo but one that symbolizes a wonderful girlfriend who passed away.  Amanda was devestated by the loss of her best friend, but wanted to find someway to remember the fun and special connection they had shared.  So she chose something girly and delicate in the form of a cupcake, sprinkled with color.

Amanda’s cupcake tattoo is located on her arm and is something she gets much joy out of.

The second tattoo is more angelic in its design, given it has angel’s wings!  This tattoo on Jana was done about five years ago by Jennifer Knox from Hold Fast Tattoo, in Seaside, OR.  Jana wanted a tattoo to celebrate self acceptance of who she is and selected on the angel cupcake given it was fun and daring.  Jana describes herself as “a big curvy girl with an appetite for life” and wanted to show that in her tattoo choice!

Thank you to both Amanda and Jana for sharing their cupcake tattoos with us!  Remember if you are planning on getting a cupcake tattoo All Things Cupcake has a huge gallery of cupcake tattoos!

Two sides to every cupcake tattoo

By on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Tammie from Texas has just recently sent us these new tattoos that she has just had done.  Instead of just creating a single design on one arm, she has decided to create two identically sized cupcake tattoos, one on each arm.

From the image above you can see that the cupcakes are very similar however are subtly different too, but it is not until the color is added in the image below that you fully can appreciate this design.  The cupcake on her right arm (left side of the above and below pictures), is the cupcake of good, with angel wings and a floating frosting halo, her eyes sweetly shut, where as the other cupcake, is the evil devil cake, with a red paper, red wings and horns, his eyes sinister and a little devil tail below.

Fantastic concept and brilliantly executed.  The tattoos were done by Shelbi at Renegades Tattoo in El Paso Tx.

Little cupcake tattoos

By on Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The idea for a cupcake tattoo may to some of you be a wild and fanciful idea that although tempting is too permanent to seriously consider.  Plus those big cupcakes that take up a whole shoulder may cause you concern, perhaps you do not want to be defined by your tattoo, but merely want to have a little piece of what is important to you close to you at all times.  If this is you, then maybe a smaller cupcake tattoo is more your style!
The smaller the tattoo the less detail you can capture, but you can still achieve something amazing as these two reader submissions clearly show.  The first one above is quite simply adorably cute.  The girly lashes and that fifties fringe curl are just so sweet.  And if you are looking to make it smaller skip the additional candy.

This is Sue’s tattoo and she used this site to find a design that she liked, she then adapted it into this irresistible cupcake.  Her tattoo was  created in Pont Credit Ontario.

The cupcake tattoo in the picture to the left is another idea at how to create a gorgeous little cupcake tattoo, that is both discreet and funky.  Danielle got her cupcake done because it reminded her of her mother’s name for her ‘cupcake’ but it has become more a symbol of where she has come from and gone too.  Danielle now has her own successful cupcake business which she runs from home.

New cupcake tattoos

By on Saturday, July 17th, 2010

We are amassing a great collection of spectacular tattoos in the tattoo gallery, and today we have two new ones to share with you.  The first here on the right is from Dana in New Jersey.  She has just got this tattoo on the inside of her forearm.

Dana is a lover of cupcakes and the word cupcake, indeed it is the nickname she gives to her family, friends and dog.  Dana didn’t state the flavor of her cupcake, but I am sure that is a mountain of blueberry frosting on top.

Dana got her tattoo done by artist Lou Morgue from Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville.

The second tattoo is from Andrea who go her cupcake done a while ago on her shoulder.  It is a pretty impressive tattoo complete with banner and stars.

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