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Unicorn Cupcakes

By on Sunday, January 31st, 2010

ATC Reader Sara sent us these photos and this email…


My cousin Sabrina and I found these unicorn cupcakes online and decided that when we got together, we would make them! We headed to a candy store, bought the unicorn essentials and set to baking. We made the icing, prepared the ingredients, then made these adorable (and don’t forget, magical!) cupcakes.
They were a success, considering we made them for ourselves!
Keep up the great site,


Thank you for sharing your Unicorn Cupcakes with us! They are too cute!

What’s Up Cupcake?

By on Sunday, January 31st, 2010

With the domination of mini cakes popping up all over the world the word Cupcake has taken on a persona all its own.

I am watching one of my favorite shows and I have heard them use the ‘Cupcake’ at least twice in the past 20 minutes. And in the same episode they gave a little girl an Easy Bake Oven!

With this being a sort of slang I have taken it upon myself to look up the definition on the most popular Slang Dictionary,

Cupcake; …from outward appearance you would assume they are tough, but on the inside they are soft.
…can be very sweet….is the perfect size, just the right amount of everything….is also cute yet delicious….people are always in the mood to hang out with them, just like people are always in the mood to have cupcakes…people never get sick of.

Cupcake; someone you’re emotionally romantically involved with

Here is also a definition of it from


Deep Fried Cupcakes

By on Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Last year we shared with you Deep Fried Cupcakes from the Orange County Fair.  Kick Ass Cupcakes in Somerville, MA tweeted Friday that they have deep fried cupcakes on their menu!  These cream filled vanilla cupcakes are available Fridays through Sundays at the shop.

If you are not in the Boston area, you could always try making your own deep fried cupcakes.  Cupcake Project offers four step directions on how to create your own deep fried cupcakes.  Step one: make mini cupcakes.  Step two: prepare cupcakes for frying by coating in batter.  Step three: FRY! Step four, eat while hot!!!

Cupcake Finds at Ben Franklin Crafts

By on Sunday, January 31st, 2010

As many of you know, cupcake hunting is a fun passion for me.  More than that, most of my friends have turned into cupcake hunters too!  Every week they are calling and emailing me to tell me about some wonderful little treasures they have discovered.   Many times I have seen (or bought!) the items already but not always.  Thank you my wonderful friends!  This week one of my best gal pals sent me these photos of cupcake finds at Ben Franklin Crafts:

I checked Ben Frankin’s  website and unfortunitely these items are not sold online. 

Bakers, Start Your Ovens: The 1st Annual Cupcake Cup

By on Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The task that Food2 (the Food Network’s sassy younger sibling) puts to challengers is deceptively simple: take pictures of cupcakes, submit them at the Food2 website, and may the best photo win.  Multiple entries are allowed, and the cupcake or cupcakes don’t have to be yours (but the photos do, of course).  Food2 started taking submissions for the Cupcake Cup yesterday and the will continue taking them for the next 40 days.  Photos have already started to come in if you’d like to take a look at the competition, or vote for them for that matter.

And what will you win?  A silicone bakeware Giant Cupcake Baking Set… and the eternal glory of being the first person to win the Cupcake Cup.

Snow Cupcake

By on Saturday, January 30th, 2010

It has been snowing here in central North Carolina since last night so the roads are covered and  kids are enjoying the snow which is rare for the area.  This got me thinking, someone has to have made a cupcake sculpture out of the snow! I was right, I came across these two awesome images that cupcake loves created out of snow. Be sure to let us know if you attempted a snow cupcake.

Cupcake Hair Acessories

By on Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Want to try and spice up your hair with a little cupcake? Now I think putting a real cupcake in your hair would be a little too messy! Here are a few alternatives to make your hair look its best with Cupcakes! …

Big Girl Pink Cupcake Hair Clip

Juicy Couture Kids Cupcake Elastic

Cupcake Cutie Hair Clip

Candy Collection Cupcakes Barrette