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Women’s Cupcake Costume

By on Friday, September 30th, 2011

While I was browsing, as I often do, I stumbled upon this remarkable cupcake find for Halloween! A few days ago another contributer here at ATC posted about a children’s cupcake costume at Kohl’s, which is super cute! For those of you that wished Kohl’s had offered this adorable children’s costume in adult sizes, like myself, and desire to dress as a giant cupcake this Halloween well thanks to Target here it is…

If anyone I know decides to throw a Halloween party this year I will be purchasing this to wear! I will add that Target states this is an online only item so I am betting it will go fast! Order yours now before it’s gone!

Cupcake Baker Discovered…

By on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Check out this touching blog post on Cafe Mom. Mom drops a tray of cupcakes off at her daughter’s school, and suddenly, she’s surrounded by people placing orders and giving her money! It’s the American Cupcake Dream! You can find the famous Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe at the famous baker’s blog! Congratulations, Mom!

Cupcake Liner Witch Hats

By on Friday, September 30th, 2011

I agree with Carrie from Half Baked, I’m not a fan of rushing the holiday season but since Halloween products have been out since August I am ready for fall and Halloween!  I love these cupcake liner witch hats that Carrie came up with.  I usually choose decorations that are simple, easy, timesaving and impressive.  These witch hats are just that, there is no labor intensive decorating involved.  The complete instructions are on Half Baked and by complete I mean 5 steps!

Cupcake Party Favors

By on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

ATC sponsor Diva Entertains offers a wide variety of party favors and supplies.  Of course, no party is complete these days without cupcakes, and Diva Entertains has just added a fabulous, new item to their line of cupcake favors.  Consider these ceramic cupcake jars for your next party.  Guests will be pleased to have a cute memento from your party, and they will also be pleasantly surprised to find some tasty cupcake-flavored cookies inside.  There are four color and flavor options to choose from (highlighted in the picture).

Awesome Cupcake Tattoos

By on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

These lovely creations were done by Jeremy Miller of Pigment Dermagraphics!

Lady Gaga Inspired Cupcakes

By on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Are you a Lady Gaga fan?  I feel as though she’s like a scary movie that you can’t help but watch even though you know you will be scared but in the case of Lady Gaga you know she’s going to have something crazy on!

I’m impressed by these Lady Gaga inspired cupcakes sent in by an ATC reader!  Each cupcake is designed after a Lady Gaga outfit and I think the cupcakes match wonderfully with Lady Gaga’s unique style.  My personal favorite is the Kermit the Frog Lady Gaga cupcake.  To view each cupcake with it’s correlating outfit head over to C for Cupcake Cupcakery’s post!

Cupcake Customizable Converses

By on Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

If I didn’t already have my custom cupcake Toms I would definitely buy a pair of these Converse shoes!  With the Converse One Builder you can create custom shoes! The best part is they have two cupcake patterns to chose from.  I made a sample pair, shown above, to see what the process is like.  You start by choosing from one of over 39 styles, note that each style is a different price.   Next you start picking colors and patterns for the different 14 parts of the shoe.  For my shoes I chose the Skidgrip CVO Canvas and the brown cupcake print, once completed this pair of shoes would cost $62.00.  There is also a grey  cupcake print and you can even add a tag to you shoes!