Show and Tell – Cupcake Party

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You are invited to a party… A Cupcake Party!

Ashleigh loves cupcakes and did her son Caden’s birthday party with the cupcake theme. From cupcake invitations, to a giant cupcake cake. Even the cheese slices were shaped like little cupcakes!

Ashleigh made this large cupcake shaped cake from scratch! She bought a big cupcake cake pan. The bottom was on one side, and the top part on the other side of the pan. It is two pieces put together. She put a round cardboard between them to make it easier to slice. 

Please visit Ashleigh’s mother’s blog, Yellow Rose Arbor, to read the whole story and see all of the wonderful photos from Caden’s second birthday party.

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  1. Photo Birthday Party Invitations

    A neighbor of ours just had a cupcake party, it was a blast. The kids decorated normal sized cupcakes and one huge cupcake that they took home in a box that they also decorated. Good times…

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