Vanilla Cupcakes Lip Conditioner & Dreamy Vanilla Body Mist Set

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♥Sexy Librarian Margaret’s Seductive Vanilla Cupcakes Lip Conditioner & Dreamy Vanilla Body Mist Set $8.99

Sexy Librarian Lip Conditioner and Body Mist Set Seductive Vanilla Cupcakes Beware will Attract the Male Animal!

Meet Margaret…she’s a Librarian, who thinks men are animals that need to be tamed. Her rules…since men are animals, deal with their five senses. This Body Mist is Rule #1. Always smell absolutely amazing!! Good scents to choose from are food scents. Such as, Vanilla & Pumpkin Bars. This Lip Conditioner is Rule #2. Always have silky, shiny (animals love shiny things, it’s like a magnet), wet looking lips. According to Dr. Tara the scent of vanilla is a very seductive scent to men. ROAR

Directions: Apply this Seductive Vanilla Cupcakes Lip Conditioner & Vanilla Body Mist & start taming.

This Dreamy Vanilla Inspired Set will have your lips so smoochable soft & your skin scented like a dreamy vanilla cupcake that you’ll look & feel like a Sexy, Smart Librarian!!

The Body Mist comes in a 3 oz. Aluminum Bottle, with Margaret’s Rules.

TIP: For an extra refreshing, revitalizing mist, keep in fridge I always include an extra goodie!!!

Made with extremely Moisturizing, 99% Au Natural, Vegan Friendly Ingredients…candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, olive butter, safflower oil, vitamin e, fda color, essential oils, flavor oils & love.

Good Stuff, huh?!

Available at ♥’Beautiful Twists.

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