Win a free cupcake!

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This is in celebration of bringing more than 1000 posts to you cupcake lovers over the last 8 months! To many many more months and even more cupcakes.

Thanks to all our cupcake fans! We will be giving away a free cupcake from Bangerang Bake Shop !

To enter, leave a comment on this post only. We will be drawing a winner from the comments list in July. Drawing for this contest will be July 15th.

Stay Tuned for the Miss America Cupcake Contest!! Green Eyed Lillies is getting everything together. The winner for the Miss America Cupcake Contest and the receiver of this huge basket of goodies will be announced the 31st of this month! July 31st!!!

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153 Responses to Win a free cupcake!

  1. Kristen

    1000 posts already? Wow! :)

  2. Beckie Wallace

    Mmm, yummy cupcakes!! Congrats on 1000 posts!

  3. Mox Rogers

    I [}o this website! (yes, that was a lame attempt at a cupcake emoticon thinger) I can’t believe it’s been 1000 posts already.

  4. Courtney

    Awesome! 1000 posts happened fast

  5. Jess

    How cool! Congrats on 1,000 posts!

  6. cait

    wow, 1000 posts. keep it up

  7. Nina

    Wow, congrats on all the posts! I love this site.

  8. Ashley

    Congrats on 1000 posts!!!

  9. Megan

    1000 posts on cupcakes. YEY! :)

  10. nichole

    i love this site! i read it over & over again a few times a day! keep up the great work!

  11. Katie

    I love ATC, DDS, & most of all cupcakes! : )

  12. K

    Congrats on 1000 posts!

  13. Violet

    Oooh! I’d love a cupcake from Bangerang! Congrats on the 1000th post!

  14. Andrea

    Congrats on the 1000th post, I love your Site!

  15. Candi Tardio

    yeah for all the posts!!!! i came across your blog thru bakerellas!!!! love cupcakes :)))))))

  16. Karen

    Congrats on the 1000th post! I am a new comer to this cupcake scene and LOVE IT!

  17. Jen

    Wow! That’s a lot of posts!

  18. The Cupcakery

    Congratulations! A special achievement ~ with a super yummy prize! Everyone wins!! Best!

  19. Cate

    Congrats on the 1,000 posts–keep it up! I love your site and cupcakes!

  20. Kira

    WhooooHoooo! Congrats!

  21. Jamieanne

    Congratulations on 1000 posts! I visit your site every day! And I’ve been wanting to try a Bangerang cupcake for ages now! :D

  22. hope

    Congratulations and way to bring out the lurkers, lol.

  23. Lulu

    I just want the free cupcake.
    I kid, I kid…I really do love this place. But i still want that cupcake….

  24. Carol

    I love to read ATC! <3

  25. liz

    I love ATC! I have not finished so many homework assignments since I have found this website. Please pick me!

  26. Theresa Queen

    Congrats on your 1000th post! I found you thru “cupcakes take the cake”, and I love your site. What a wonderful world of cupcake love it has become. I would love to win the contest and support Bangerang as they are “doing the right thing” with their business and would love to taste one of their amazing “jar” cakes!

  27. nia

    addicted to atc!

  28. Kelli Hanis

    I love your sight. It has helped me find all kinds of cupcake stuff. Thanks so much.

  29. Angela Dobson

    Yippeee for 1000 posts! Hip Hip Hoooray!!!
    I love this site. It’s my homepage! :)
    Yay for cuppycakes!
    Thank You!

  30. Molly

    Here’s to the next 1000!

  31. Carole

    CONGRATS !!! Darling web site !!!

  32. Cyndi Miller

    I stumbled upon this site and love it!!! Congrats on 1000 posts!!

  33. Jennie

    Congrats on the 1000th post! I <3 ATC!!

  34. Kim

    I love your site. Congrats!

  35. Ashley

    Happy 1000!

  36. Chrystina

    Yay for 1000 posts and yay for cupcakes!

  37. Sydni

    Cool, I’ve been dying to try one of their cupcakes. Congrats on 1000 posts! Love the blog.

  38. Hollie

    Thank you for inspiring me to cover the world in cupcakes! :)

  39. Marta

    1000 cupcakes,whooohooo!

  40. Diana Monroe

    Just found your site this week–love it! I’ve been trying to catch up on the almost 1,000 posts. Congrats!

  41. LeeAnn

    Oh, I just love this site!
    Happy 1000!!!

  42. Julie


  43. Sarah

    Congrats on 1000 posts!
    I love your posts!

  44. Reiza

    I usually just lurk here, but I’ll come out of hiding for this. :-)

  45. Kira

    WOW! 1000 posts! We are all totally cupcake obsessed! :)

  46. nu

    Congrats on your posts! Thanks for the site. It’s great. =]

  47. stephanie

    Wow, 1000. My little blog only has like 42!! 1000 is BIG! Congrats!

  48. Bianca


  49. Chamberlaine

    Hooray for THE ultimate go-to site for cupcake recipes, news, and other “stuff”!

  50. DanaD

    What a fun & delicious site! Congrats on the posts!

  51. rachel

    Hurray! 1,000 posts of tasty treaty cupcakes. I hope I win!

  52. Kerry

    Love your site…one of these days I will have to submit my cupcake tattoo picture…Hey – pick me, pick me!!!

  53. Maria

    | |
    _.–| |–._
    .-‘; ;`-‘& ; `&.
    & & ; & ; ; \
    \ ; & &_/
    | | | | | | | | |
    J | | | | | | | F
    Life is uncertain, eat your cupcake first!

  54. Maria

    Hey everyone here is a link to a free
    and ADORABLE cupcake font! They
    look really cute using different colors
    on each letter! Enjoy

  55. Lianne

    Up to 1000 tasty posts so far…keep ’em coming!!! Yea for the cupcake give away…yummmmeeeeee!

  56. Dawn


  57. Emily

    Congrats! This is my favorite cupcake blog, love it!

  58. kamaile

    Grats on 1000 posts. That’s an amazing feat! Keep ’em coming. :)

  59. Kristine

    Cngratulations! 1000 posts!! Wooohoooo! Here’s to 1000 more! :)

  60. Twin Curls

    Congrats! Such a neat site!

  61. Rosie

    That is very exciting! I’ve enjoyed being your reader for these 1000 posts and hopefully, 1000 more!
    – Rosie

  62. Angela


  63. stacy

    CUPCAKES ROCK!!!! Congrats!!!

  64. Meagan

    1000! Congrats!

  65. aurora

    Wow! Love this blog! I have been a closet cupcake lover for years, and am so glad to see that they are getting proper respect for being delightful as well as delicious. :)

  66. CB

    Did someone say … Freeeeee?? Gimme! Congrats to ATC for 1000 posts!

  67. Molly


  68. Ann

    yay! thanks for all things cupcakes and congratulations on 1000 posts! woot!!

  69. Holly

    100 posts is a great accomplishment. Looking forward to more and all about cupcakes :)


    Sweet and sublime
    delicate and divine
    smooth like velvet
    frosting mile high
    sprinkles galore
    oh how I want more

  70. Holly

    ooops…1000 is alot more…congrats!!

  71. Elizabeth

    oOh! Pick me! Pick me!

  72. CF

    Congrats!! I love the site!

  73. Sophoria

    Nice , I want to be a cupcake when I grow up!

  74. Karla

    CoNgRaTs! I <3 cupcakes and this site!!!

  75. Jackie Evans-Moser

    Kudos on the 1000 posts! Many happy more…

  76. Cortney

    Congrats!! Your site is awesome!

  77. Dana

    I heart your website. Congrat on a 1000 and here’s to 1000 more!

  78. It’s a cupcake record, folks! | All Things Cupcake - The #1 Cupcake Site

    […] don’t forget to enter to win for a free cupcake by july 15th. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can […]

  79. Jennifer

    I love this website, almost as much as I love cupcakes! Thanks for all the great work you do!

  80. Cherie

    Congrats! Love the blog!!!

  81. strawberry

    i want a bangerang cupcakes!!!! yummy!
    congrats on being a fab cupcake website!


    i hope!

  83. Katie

    Thanks for all the wonderful cupcakes!

  84. Anita


  85. Sarah

    I always try to remember to buy Bangerang Bake Shop cupcakes and forget until mid-day Tuesday when they are mostly sold out. I would love to try one! Beautiful website design. Makes me want a cupcake right now.

  86. Ali Smith

    What a great website. And it’s not blocked at work! Yesssss!

  87. Lee

    Mazel Tov!

  88. Stephanie

    mmmm cupcakes! Congrats on hitting the 1000th post!

  89. Melody

    Congratulations and what a great website.

  90. Delaina

    woo hoo!!

  91. Heidi

    1000 posts! Pick me!!

  92. Elizgonz

    Yes, please.

  93. Kris

    Congratulations! You have a great site.

  94. Candylei

    Yes, many more sweet and tasty posts. This a great site.

  95. Nicole

    Congrats on 1000 posts. That’s a huge milestone. Keep up the amazing work!!

  96. Kolby


  97. Judee

    I <3 you!!!

  98. Heather

    This is a really neat website!

  99. Lori

    Love your site! I’m now addicted to cupcakes!

  100. Sam

    Congrats with the blog!

  101. Rina

    Congratulations – I admire your blogging dedication!! I hope the 1000th post involved a cupcake toast!

  102. Mary

    Congrats! Love the blog.

  103. Leigh

    Thank you for being here, you fill the cupcake void in my day because sadly, I just can’t exercise enough to eat cupcakes every day lol You satisfy my mental sweet-tooth ;) I’m sure I could think of some more sweet things to say (and mean every one of them) but congrats on making this blog really blossom (no, blossom isn’t a cupcake pun) Thanks for being here!

  104. Mandi

    Yay ATC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you loooong time!

  105. Nevin Martell

    As Julius Caesar once said, “I came, I saw they had cupcakes, I forgot about the conquering.” Kudos on all the great work!

  106. Mel

    Congrats on 1000 posts! Keep it going!

  107. Robert

    Huzza ATC! I would love a free cupcake :)

  108. Allison

    Congrats on the 1000 posts! That is awesome!

  109. gina

    Cupcakes and little girls- my life is sweet. Here’s to thousands more posts of cupcake-y goodness!!

  110. Sarah


  111. Kittylili



  112. laura

    pick me, pick me! i just had one sent to long distance friends for their anniversary, but have yet to try one myself

  113. Marcella

    So delicious! 1000 posts on cupcakes

  114. Tracey

    WHEW!!! I made it!!! Can’t believe I almost forgot a FREE Cupcake, what was I thinking!!!! Not to influence you or anything but my birthday is this month *LOL* LOVE your blog!!

  115. nadia


  116. Nina J.

    ooh! I’d really love to win one.
    Congrats on your 1000th post!

  117. amberda

    yea cupcakes!!

  118. Ammie England

    Pick me! Pick me!

  119. KK

    Big congrats on your 1000th post! That’s so incredible! Love your blog!!

  120. Erica N.

    Congrats on the 1000th post!
    Thank you for helping to start what is fast becoming my new obsession!! Cupcakes!!!

  121. Crystal

    I love this site! so nice to see so many people are obsessed with cupcake like me!!

  122. Nina

    I love this site. It always makes me so happy to read all of the cupcake things.

  123. Cyndi

    Congrats on 1000 posts!!!

  124. Kristen

    I am addicted to cupcakes and have found some really delicious places to get them from you! Thanks!

  125. Ambjer

    Whoo! 1000 posts! Who knew there were so much cupcake stuff?!

  126. Annie Pham

    oh i am happy i found this site i live cupcakes too

  127. Michelle

    im so glad i found this blog! everything cupcakes!!
    congrats on making “1000 posts”!!
    thats awesome!!

  128. claudia ron

    i love cupcakes :) congrats on 1000 posts!

  129. Honie

    Woo hoo for a 1,000 posts. That’s awesome!

  130. Jenn

    1000 posts, woohoo! That’s totally awesome.

    And free cupcakes are even better.

    Keep the posts coming!

  131. merideth

    Congrats to Kathy & everyone else at ATC!!

    <3 Merideth
    merbobear @ BG

  132. Kelly

    I love this site!!! Everytime I find something cupcake thats not on here I want to add it myself! lol! Congrats on 1,000!

  133. EstephanaB

    Waiting for my cupcake to come out of the oven!

  134. Kim

    Congratulations! 1000 posts!!!!

  135. Jennifer

    This is so neat!!

  136. Brenda M.

    Cupcakes, yum. <3

  137. Jennifer

    Yay for cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Rach Lynn

    I love cupcakes :) Cute website Kathy!

  139. Jessica Rivera

    Mmmmm CUPCAKES!

  140. Gretch-a-sketch

    Yum! Also, congrats!

  141. heather

    who doesn’t love sugar? ;-)

  142. Diana

    Congrats, make mine a yellow cupcake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles. :)

  143. Kari

    Yay! Cupcakes!!

  144. Ashley Mills

    Yay … Cupcakes .

  145. Jennifer

    I absolutely am in love with cupcakes after stumbling across this site! Keep up the great work!

  146. Sherrey

    Grats on 1000 posts!!!!

  147. Kristen D.

    I LOVE cupcakes!

  148. Lesley

    Congratulations on the 1000th post, many more to come I hope.

  149. Amanda

    I love ATC! :)

  150. Jen R.

    Cupcakes!! :)

  151. Jen

    Yay! Congrats on the great achievement ;)

  152. Poofter.

    oooh!!! cupcakes are yummy!

  153. crystal

    UMMM….i love cupcakes and these look great!!!

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