Please beware of unlicensed online bakeries!

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On the heels of our cupcake giveaway for a free cupcake from bangarang bakeshop, I wanted to include an excerpt that Nicole (of bangarang bakeshop) has on her shops homepage:

**PLEASE BEWARE OF UNLICENSED AND UNINSURED ONLINE BAKERIES. If you or your loved ones falls ill from one of their products, you will have no recourse. Please be careful of where you purchase food on the internet. It is against the law to sell baked goods from a unlicensed facility in the US. Our CUPCAKES IN A JAR(TM) have been formulated and extensively tested and researched to stay fresh in the jar. Please be careful when purchasing from unlicensed shops that ship cakes in various containers whom are not certified, this is not safe using unresearched and non-professionally tested cake and frosting recipes. Our recipes have been formulated and researched to withstand a extended shelf life within our jars. Besides being a licensed bakery, I hold a Food Protection Manager Certification, which is mandatory in the US to sell food. This is very important for Bangerang Bake Shop to have to ensure the safest, most sanitary and satisfactory online bakery experience. We care about our customers, and being educated and licensed in the food industry isn’t only the law, it’s imperative to our commitment to our customers.

Here are a few online shops that All Things Cupcake recommends if you are going to be purchasing cupcakes on the internet:

Bangarang Bake Shop
Mrs. Beasleys Cupcakes
Teacake Bakeshop
Babycakes NYC
Chicago Cupcakes


If you know of a delicious bakery that ships their cupcakes, please list them in a comment.

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3 Responses to Please beware of unlicensed online bakeries!

  1. Peggi

    Sugar Dreams on Etsy is a wonderful place to go. PinkCupcake5 also!

  2. Cara

    Hmmm. Good advice BUT quite hypocritical coming from Nicole, imo, since SHE started out selling her cupcakes on Etsy without a license as well. lol

  3. Heather Turley

    Please beware of buying cupcakes from licensed online bakeries. It’s been close to three weeks since I ordered from Bangarang Bake Shop and no cupcakes. I can’t even get anyone to answer my emails.

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