Skinny Gingerbread Cupcakes

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If your house is anything like mine I’m sure your spending today baking and cooking!  We already have three types of cookies made and a fourth cookie dough chilling.  I have a feeling we wont have time to make cupcakes but if we were going to I would bake these skinny gingerbread cupcakes with sweet cinnamon glaze by The Scrumptious Pumpkin.  Gingerbread and cinnamon are two flavors and smells that remind me of Christmas and these cupcakes are supposed to be healthy!  What kind of cupcakes does your family bake for the holidays?

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3 Responses to Skinny Gingerbread Cupcakes

  1. Kelly

    If you’re looking for “skinny” cupcakes, I recently learned a trick – mix a can of pumpkin with a cake box mix. (Don’t add oil or eggs or anything else the box tells you to.) They take longer to bake but they are delicious and low-cal (although I don’t know if they can technically be called “healthy”!)

  2. Emma

    The sweet cinnamon glaze looks amazing! I always use applesauce to cut down on fat on my cake recipes.

  3. hungry runner

    Kelly, I made the Quick & Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes from Very Best Baking in the fall and they were amazing! Super moist, delicious, and really easy and they really didn’t take longer to bake! This is the link to the recipe.–easy-pumpkin-cupcakes/detail.aspx

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