It’s a Cake in a Cup.

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Cake Mixes or Cupcake Mixes?

Is the only difference between a ‘cake’ and a ‘cupcake’ the wrapper?

I’ll tell you why I’m asking.  I am probably 50/50 on making cupcakes from scratch and making cupcakes from a box.  But, now that I’m blogging, I’m rethinking everything.

So, when I pulled out a Pillsbury box from my cupboard, I noticed the picture of the cake.  It took me to the baking aisle at my local Wegman’s grocery store, where I found that every box mix pictures a cake.  There wasn’t a single cupcake promo among them.  And, on the Pillsbury website, they don’t even list their cake mixes and frostings among their products.

Pursuing this further, I found a poll on Quibblo of whether a cupcake and a cake are the same thing, but only 9 people have answered (8 yes, 1 no).  WikiAnswers wasn’t much of an analysis.

And, while doing my research, I bumped into this:  the world’s record for a cupcake is 150.7 pounds!  Now how is that still a ‘cupcake’?


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4 Responses to It’s a Cake in a Cup.

  1. AmandaJ

    I once saw some Betty Crocker cupcake mixes (I think it was BC) that were half a cupcake batch. It only made 12. I couldn’t help but wonder who in the world wants only 12 cupcakes at a time and why you would pay more for less.

    I don’t thinkcupcakes and cale are the same at all. Sure the contents are the same but it’s the presentation, the simplicity, the efficiency, the lack of messiness. It’s like a house. We all have sinks in the kitchen, toilets on the bathroom, a place for sleeping, etc… but the presentation, simplicity efficiency and lack of messiness :-) makes all the difference.

  2. Becky

    I have also seen cupcake mixes but I thought they also came with the papers.
    Duncan Hines & Betty Crocker both sell cupcake mix now. Pillsbury shows cupcakes only on their seasonal cake mix.
    I don’t know what the difference is except there is less.
    Mini cupcakes are my favorite because they are one bite and you can have more flavors at one time!

  3. Judy/The Island Broad

    Wowserz @150.7 pounds. That is most definetely NOT a cupcake.

  4. moni

    Of course it’s the same thing, only in a cup size. Is a 8.5 inch round cake the same as a 11X13 cake? yep. I did research on the history of cupcakes a while back for a class, and came across this site, and how cupcakes got their names.

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