Felt Cupcakes

By on June 11th, 2011 . Filed under: Blogs, Crafts, Kids .

This felt cupcake idea would be a simple and relatively cheap (not to mention mess-free) way to keep your young kids occupied over the summer, especially on a long road-trip.  All you need is some different colors of felt and a pair of scissors.  If you are a tad-bit artistically challenged like me, then you can download a free template here for all the pieces (cupcakes, liners, and frosting).

The sky is the limit for decorating these cute creations.  Cut small, rectangular pieces in a variety of colors for sprinkles, white squares for marshmallows, brown triangles for chocolate chips, and red circles or hearts for cherries.  You could even customize the colors and decorations for holidays. If you’re feeling really adventuresome and not worried about a mess, you can bring out the glitter, glue, sequins, and beads.

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