The Om of Cupcake

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The Om of Cupcake

Who isn’t living a totally over-committed life these days?  If you can’t slow down, especially while you’re whipping up buttercream frosted cupcakes for end of school year parties, can I persuade you to steal a quiet moment with a cupcake?

Here’s my recipe for the Om of Cupcakes.  Take one part chocolate raspberry-infused buttercream cupcake and add one part local coffee shop with a window seat.  Omit cell phone; substitute “oops!” if you later see missed calls.  Variation includes reading a copy of “Hello, Cupcake!” or “What’s New Cupcake?

This recipe for about twenty minutes of relaxation should be repeated daily to enjoy the full, long-term benefits.

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3 Responses to The Om of Cupcake

  1. Sugar & Spikes

    Damn…. I was soooooo hoping this would be a recipe for that yummy looking cupcake. Lol

  2. Kim

    WHERE is the Om recipe????

  3. Sarah-Lyn

    OMG I’m drooling, this sounds amazing, I would LOVE to have a moment with this cupcake lol!


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