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Our last giveaway of March is from Etsy crafter, AppleLovesOrange.  She makes beautiful art from recycled and vintage fabric.  I am amazed by her talent!


This week, AppleLovesOrange is giving away a $30 gift certificate to her store!  To enter this giveaway, please visit her shop and then come back to All Things Cupcake and click on the comment area below.  Tell us what you liked about her Etsy shop and also give her one suggestion for a new item you think would be perfect for her. 


Make sure to also check out her Babee Cakes blog too.

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28 Responses to Gift Certificate Giveaway

  1. Yaneri

    oh my!! These sure are adorable!!! Love the cuppy cakes of course!
    But little birds and owls would be simply cute too!!


  2. Mary

    Everything is so cute…the hair clips and pins would look gorgeous on my beautiful little girl!

  3. Victoria Elaine

    I love everything on your site! I’m a huge lover of vintage inspired style and the flowers would be awesome accessories. I’d love to see something with feather or, to match the ice cream and cupcake theme, how about some lollipops or hardcandy inspired ornaments? Very cute stuff! :)

  4. MIchelle

    I love love love all of your pieces! They would look even better if you could add em to headbands? Just an idea because i love headbands with flowers on them! Such cute things though!! :)

  5. Melanie

    What a super cute store! I love the Amelie hair pins! I’d also love to see some owls and since I’m already thinking about Christmas – scary I know – some Christmas stuff would be awesome!

  6. Tammy Diehr

    I love the sweetheart and cuppycakes. I would love to see ladybugs and clouds

  7. Lindsay C

    Since I’m a huge Cupcake fan – The Cuppycake’s are the best to me. Other great ideas would be – Seasonal themes, Birthday themes, Wedding themes, Baby shower themes Bachlorette party themes. Since she has a lot of Hair pins, maybe make some Head-bands, Scrunches, Beanie hats those would be awesome. especially different themed beanie hats. Those are just some ideas. Look forward to seeing what new comes about.

  8. Dani

    I am just in LOVE with the combinations of colors and fabrics that are utilized by applelovesorange! I would love to see some of these designs made into coin purses (i.e. the cupcake) or as accents on evening bags (like the flowers). Absolutely stunning! <3

  9. Lindsey

    LOVE the cuppycakes & the flower hair pins, if you combined and made lil cupcakes for the hair I think it would be awesome!!

  10. faiza

    i would like 2 see sum jewelery like necklaces and earrings and stuff!!! and of course MORE CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Micki

    I like how clear & detailed the photos of the products are in the shop. My fave item is the Sophie necklace-Tiffany. I think some peace sign items would be nice to see in the future. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!

  12. Miranda C.

    I really love the Camille hair pin night sky version! It reminds me of the times mom took me antique shopping in downtown mckenny. It also reminds me of this one very old house we visited in Galveston one time. Great memories. Also the colors and flowers print are just beautiful! I suggest she make hats or banners with letters on the icecream cones or cupcakes!

  13. Charlotte Rhubottom

    love the Sophie necklace, how about some cowgirl items? i think those done in vintage fabric would be really sweet.

  14. Cherice Hebert

    Everything is so cute! I especially love the stretchy handband with the cute flower! :)

  15. kelly

    I love the zebra sherbert! I bet she could also do some cute little animals!

  16. Beth

    I love that she has ‘cute’ things (the cupcake and ice cream ornaments as well as ‘beautiful’ things (the rose clips). My favorite thing is probably the Brigette hair pin. :)

    I’d love to see those ornaments used in another way, like tiny ones made as earrings, or pins, or a clutch with one embroidered on it.

  17. Leslie

    I love the hair clips! I use them all of the time on my daughter. I would like to see flowered brooches added to the collection!

  18. Angela S

    AppleLovesOrange makes me wish I was more creative! I love the Cuppy Cake orange stripe ornament, great color combos! Since she is so creative and a very talented seamstress, I would love to see fabric eyeglass cases made. I think they would make a great addition to her adorable collection!

  19. Chelsie

    My favorite piece is the “Sophie Necklace -Tiffany’s”!- very gorgeous! I like that this shop offers wearable items, as well as decorative items. I really like the ornaments and I think using the same method to make little fabric broaches would be great! Keep up the great work!

  20. Anne

    the brigette hairpin is absolutely gorgeous. Since she has cute cupcakes and pretty hair pins, why not have cupcake hairpins?!

  21. Marie McGrath

    I really liked this one:

    It’s so whimsical and pretty! I would suggest maybe making a little more jewelry using the pretty flowers she has. Or she could also make some nice headbands with the flowers!

  22. Mia

    My favorite would have to be the Sweet Heart. It’s so simple and cute it would be a great gift. I would suggest making flower pins for shirts and purses.

  23. Alicia Donahue

    I love The vintage stuff is adorable! Also I think that a cupcake fabric flower on a headband or clip would be super cute

  24. Bronagh

    I love these! – the margaux headband. :)

    I’d love to see some spotty fabric used. I love vintage clothes and love spots to co-ordinate :)

  25. Denise H

    I love the cuppy cake orange stripe ornaments.
    My suggestion would be some cupcake potholders! I think she would be great at it!

  26. Justine B

    I love just about everything on this site. The detail and creativity are amazing. I especially love the necklaces. I would love to see some cupcake necklaces.Or maybe some cupcakes and flower patches that people could sew onto their own items, like purses, sweaters, quilts.
    Keep up the gorgeous work!

  27. Ali S

    I love the hair pin sets they are cute especially the colors. I would suggest making clips like cupcake clips or pins that you can wear on a dress

  28. AmandaJ

    What I liked the most about her shop: She is so creative! I wish I could think up things like this!

    What else should she add? More hair accessories, maybe the cupcakes on a smaller scale on a clip, some headbands, I saw one stretchy one but the ridgid ones would be nice too. Jewelry is always nice too. As for designs, birds are really popular right now. Owl ornaments, or doves or sparrows would make a great Christmas Tree theme (If you aren’t already doing cupcakes that is!)

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