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So do you know what a cupfake is?  A cupfake is a fake cupcake- all the sweet and zero calories!  This week we are giving away one cupfake from new Etsy seller Frankschick.  Her Etsy store is called The Cakery Fakery (how cute is that?!)  You may remember her is a previous post by Applecupcake.   She is obsessed with cupcakes but alas, admits to being an awful baker!   So instead of heading to the supermarket for cupcake supplies, she headed to Home Depot.  Her cupfakes are all 100% hand made, hand painted and hand decorated by her.  These are just a few of my favorites:

 I am so pleased to own one of her creations because it looks so realistic.  Every time I look at it I get hungry!  I was also extremely pleased with the Cakery Fakery’s high importance on customer service.  One of the best cupcake artists Etsy has to offer.

This week The Cakery Fakery is giving away one set Halloween cupfakes to a sweet reader. 

To enter, visit her shop and pick out your favorite then come back to ATC.  Click on the comment area below and tell us your favorite and also tell us what kind of cupfake you think she should make next.  One winner will be chosen on Monday October 11th.

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76 Responses to Cupfake Giveaway

  1. john

    my favorite one is her Chocoholic………and i think she should do some pumpkin themed ones for thanksgiving next

  2. Angie

    I love the Pretty Pink Princess! But I don’t see anything for boys. So maybe a camo, baseball basketball or sports themed.

    Love them!

  3. Lisa

    I absolutely love the Autumn leaves themed one. It just started getting cool here in NC so this one is perfect for this time of year. I would love to see a Butterfly themed one with all different butterflies on it.
    They are all great. I love ANYTHING cupcake…real or fake !!

  4. Tammy

    I Love the Ice Cream Sundae, cute and whimsical. I also like the black and white polka dot-perfect for my kitchen!
    I think a Traditional Christmas Cupcake with Holly on top and a shiny red or green liner would be adorable.
    TY :)

  5. Isa Domo

    Oh the whipped cream peppermint is my fave! They’re all precious though! I’d like to see some jewel tone know, that look kinda of marie-antoinette-ish. Something a grown woman wouldn’t mind displaying on her vanity next to pretty perfume bottles. =)

  6. Michael

    I really like the Autumn Fall Leaves cupcake. The colors are great and the butterfly tops it off just right.

    My favorite flavor of anything is Key Lime… So, a Lime cupcake would be nice.

  7. heather draht

    my favorite is def. the coffee and roses. the coloring on the rose is amazing and looks so real :)

    i like life a little on the darker side, so i was thinking i would like to see one with a victorian cemetery theme or something very dark and gothic :)

  8. Rebecca

    I’m confused.
    your directions say to go to the website and pick our favorite halloween designs but I didn’t see any??

  9. tanisha gordon

    I like the diva cupcake i think it is too cute , the next one that i think she should make is a Christmas tree one

  10. Rebecca

    I like the whipped cream peppermint and the sparkling pink faux

    I would like to see some themed in the health care industry.

    I’m a pharmacy technician and think it would be fun to see some with fake medicine capsules or something to that effect

  11. Btrflywmn

    These are so cute, I would love the Pretty Pink Princess Fake Faux Cupcake for my little cupcake.
    I would like to see some boy ones, maybe with trophies and motorcycles. My boy races.

  12. Laura

    My favorite is the Pretty Pink Princess Fake Faux Cupcake Cupfake. The zebra one is cute too but the frosting doesn’t look QUITE as realistic as the other’s :) I also like the little girls baby shower favor cupcake too… but my best friend is actually having a boy… that’s something I would suggest, make one for a boy’s babyshower too. Or how about a Jersey Shore cupcake? With a big poof on the top to mimick Snooki’s hair, and a pickle LOL

  13. Misty

    I love the Candy Shop theme with the caramel. so hard to choose one fav because they are all wonderful.

  14. Trelanie

    Sparkling Pink Faux Fake Cupcake with Chocolate Sauce and Zebra Striped Wrapper is my favorite!

    Mmmm, not sure what she should make next. Maybe some specific birthday ones. Like with big milestones…..16-18-21-40….that would be cute!

  15. Breann

    OMG I LOVE them ALL haha! I am obsessed with all things cupcake. One of my favorites is the simple cute “vanilla chocolate chip buttercream” PINK is my favorite color and I love anything pink. I think a good idea for some new “cupfakes” would be to do some awareness ones. Like this month is Breast Cancer awareness month, and other months honer different cancers. I am a huge supporter of alot of charities and that would be wonderful. ESP since cupcakes cheer anyone up. And you can donate like 2.00 from every sale to the charity that supports the cancer. You can do ovarian, breast, leukemia, pancreatic, etc… Ya know what I mean?? Oh and also did you ever think about custom orders? Xo

  16. Lizzie

    I am so amazed at how real these cupfakes look! My favorite would have to be the coffee chocolate one. My mouth waters just looking at it! So cute, and she’s so creative
    The only suggestion I would have is a mint chocolate chip cupfake. Bright green, and full of spunk. I’m sure she could find some creative way to spice it up! So cute, I love these.

  17. Heather B.

    Whipped Cream Peppermint Candy and Candy Cane Christmas Fake Faux Cupcake with Cherry Decoration or Paperweight would be great for the Holidays! Looks yummy!!!

    I’d love to see some pumpkin ones!!

  18. Julia
    The Angel Inspired Light Blue Fake Faux Cupcake is definitely my fav!

    And the next one should be kinda winter themed since it’s getting close, maybe a christmas ornament cupcake, with white frosting, blue sparkles, and snowflake sprinkles…maybe in like a christmas tree wrapper or even a peppermint wrapper, something real cute like that.

  19. Wani

    I like the sundae one – it looks good enough to eat!!

  20. Lindsay

    So stinking cute!! I love them! If I had to choose a favorite I think it would be the Tinkerbell inspired one… such a great idea, as I love Tinkerbell! A Hello Kitty line would be great too! I know a ton of people who would love those!! :o)

  21. caroline

    I love the coffee rose one. Very elegant.

  22. Leslie

    I absolutely love the pink, white and black zebra cupfake. It is so adorable but yet exotic at the same time. I would like to see a 1950’s era themed cupfake with turquoise, pink, black and white and maybe a poodle skirt and record.

  23. Angela S

    This was a tough decision, but my favorite cupfake was the one with whipped cream topping and a cherry on top! Very fun and cute! I would LOVE to see a cupfake that had pink & yellow swirled frosting with lemon slices coming out of it & a straw coming out of the top… it would be a pink lemonade themed cupfake!! :]

  24. Ali

    I love the candy shop one. It was very hard to pick though because I love the New Jersey one and if it was a Massachusetts one I would of chosen that. They are super cute. I think having a military one would be super awesome and a lot of military couples would buy them

  25. Tina

    I love the Chocolate Brownie fake! How cute! I think she should make one to look like a watermelon or circus themed.

  26. Amber

    I’m loving them all! I just adore the one with whipped cream and cherries. I would love to see ones geared towards Valentine’s Day! All lovey dovey with hearts!

  27. Kim

    I love the Chocolate Brownie one. Man it makes me want chocolate. I would suggest a Peanut butter cup one.

  28. Vikki

    Lilac Buttercream Frosted Butterfly Fake Faux Cupcake is my favorite.

  29. chris

    I LOVE the tinkerbell inspired one, it would be a great gift for my new daughter-in-law, she is such a fan! I would like a victorian themed christnas fakecake. Every sinble one was wonderfully delicios looking! Keep up the amazing creations!

  30. Quincey B.

    My FAVORITE is the Chocolate Mocha Mousse. I LOVE how realistic these are, what a wonderful creation!

  31. Quincey B.

    Oops- Forgot what I’d like to see next! I think a pink and brown cupfake, something that could be left out all year round, but yet trendy and stylish enough to catch your eye everytime.

  32. Sherilyn

    I like the more basic looking ones, like the whipped cream cherry and Ice cream sundae one. I guess because I like a good basic cupcake in real life. Since I love animals (and cupcakes) it would be cool to see a wildlife theme one like the New Jersey one she did. Or a cupcake version of dirt cake, with the chocolate frosting and worms and broken up cookie pieces! Hmm I think I’m going to have to make some of those!

  33. Melissa Semioli

    You are all so wonderful for looking at my shop! I love all the ideas and many of them have been “in the works” already. I wish I had more than two hands! Many Christmas designs coming soon!

  34. Miranda

    I love the Whipped Cream Peppermint Candy and Candy Cane. It makes me dream of Christmas my favorite Holiday. It also makes me very hungry for a Cupcake. The sparkles on the icing remind me of sparkly North Pole Snow like in the movies, which brings back childhood memories watching Christmas movies. I LOVE IT.

  35. Pam ferguson

    I love the pretty pink princess how beautiful it is :)

  36. Tanya

    They are all so cute and my fave is the Bumble Bee and Roses one

  37. Tasha Nagy

    I love the ice cream sundae cupcake. Makin my mouth water!!!!!!
    Halloween is just around the corner? How about something goulish? :)

  38. Lindsey

    I’m in love with the Sparkling Pink Strawberry Frosting Cupfake!!! I love the beach and would love to see one beach themed with a starfish and blue icing or shark fin and sand looking decor!!

  39. Kristi Harkin

    They are all very fun I love them all. I think I like Sparkling Pink Strawberry Frosting Fake Cupcake for Decoration the best. I think some with animals on top would be fun like a ladybug or a butterfly. Some like a pink cupcake and a light purple butterfly on top would be fun.

  40. Sarah Saunders

    I love her Halloween mummy cupfake–it’s adorable and perfect for adding the “trick” to trick-or-treating!

  41. Margaret

    I lover her Romantic Roses Cupfake! I think she should do some thanksgiving ones! :)

  42. Alaina Lucio

    My favorite on Cakery Fakery is the Green and Purple Halloween Cupfake Fake Faux Graveyard Cupcake. I love the name on the tombstone… Barry M. Deep.

  43. Victoria Elaine

    I love the black & white polka dot cupcake! I’d lke to see a military themed cupcake. Something w/ a yellow ribbon on top maybe? My husband is in the Army so it’d be cute way to show my pride for him & my love for cupcakes at the same time. :)

  44. Linda Abbott

    My fav’s are the butterfly tinkerbell and the teacher back to school one! I have a few suggestions for the future; a sunny day beach themed one with flip-flops and a beach umbrella, a New Years Eve one, with streamers and confetti and a fairy garden one with sparkles, toadstolls and a litlle fairy.

  45. Sara

    Green and Purple Halloween Cupfake Fake Faux Graveyard Cupcake is my favourite. I love the green and purple together and the whole layout.

  46. Margo Gordon

    I love the bee and rose cupcake.Next maybe Santas workshop.

  47. Scarlett

    I think her peppermint cupcake is really cute. My suggestion would be some type of oreo-cookie themed cupcake. They are super-cute!

  48. Irene

    Wow this is great :) I am thrilled :) Cakery Fakery is so original.
    I love them all, but Ice Cream Sundae, Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Whipped Cream Peppermint Candy are my favorite. I think a Christmas and New Year Cupcake may be next :) xoxo

  49. Sahara

    First of all, thanks a lot for this generous giveaway. I never got a chance yet to own one of these cupfakes because I don’t own a credit card through which I can purchase online BUT i certainly love these innovative gorgeous cupfakes. My favorite one would be “Coffee and Roses Fake Faux Cupcake ” It’s truly gorgeous with a delicate touch of rose in it. This would surely be a beautiful gift for my lovely mom :)
    The kind of cupfake I think she should make next would be a colorful rainbow theme featuring those cute ‘CareBears’ characters.
    Thanks again for this opportunity. God bless :)
    With love,

  50. Alicia

    Really tough choice! I really love the Bumble Bee and Roses Fake Faux Whipped Cream Cupcake Cupfake with Cherry.
    And seeing that incredibly well rendered fake whipped cream, I suggest the ultimate wedding cupfake!! With a cascade of delicously looking white cream (just like the whitest wedding gown), and a couple of tiny sugary spouses on top.
    Thanks for this (equally delicious) opportunity:)!!

  51. Ellyssa

    My favorite is the Ice Cream Sundae Faux Fake Cupfake with the Strawberry on Top! Its so cute. I love it! I think the cupfake you should next is a doughnut cupfake! You could put a cute doughnut on top with sprinkles and whip-cream!

  52. Brandi F

    I looooove them all and they any one would look wonderful in my new cupcake dessert display I just bought today but I would love to have the sparkly pink strawberry frosting fake cupcake.

  53. Jordan P

    Oi, I love the pretty pink princess cupfake!!

  54. Susan Warnecke

    I love the coffee chocolate one because I am such a coffee fan…. mochas, cappucinos, anything coffee related!!
    I think a breast cancer awareness cupfake would be awesome! Since it is breast cancer awareness month & I lost my mom to breast cancer in July, this cause is very near & dear to my heart.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to win a set of your wonderful creations & to hear some of our ideas as well!!

    Happy Fall!!

  55. lynn dunn

    the cupcakes are scrumptious, but my favorite has to be the marshmallow–toasting marshmallows. How sweet is that!

  56. Melissa Semioli

    I have been reading all your suggestions and now have a list a mile long lol! I love all the ideas! As for the suggestion for custom cupfakes, that is certainly something I do, so if anyone has a custom design they’d like you can go to my eyst shop and send me a message!

  57. gramuse

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love the bumblebee and roses cupfake! Maybe a country western theme would be cute.

  58. Corina

    What a fun giveaway :) I love the Chocolate Brownie Fake Faux Cupcake, because, I’m such a chocolate lover :) and I love your excellent work. It would be nice to next cupcakes be with some blueberries and cranberries :)

  59. Giveaway Ends Today | All Things Cupcake

    […] Have you entered this week’s cupfake giveaway from the Cakery Fakery? If not, click here! […]

  60. Laura

    I like the Autumn Fall Leaves, I think it must be the season outside!

  61. Heidi Salinas

    My Favorite has always Been Butterfly Tinkerbell, They are All Beautiful :))
    Next?? I also think maybe some more for boys? I like the Camo, Maybe Legos or Hotwheels??

  62. Kati

    My fave is the Pretty Pink Princess! I am thinking a fun Christmas one would be great for her next project! very cute!!

  63. adrian

    I love the Breakfast theme Yellow Frosted Fake Faux Cupcake with Sunflowers and Eggs Food Prop. It would be so cute in my kitchen!

  64. Manette Gutterman

    I love the Chocolate Mousse cupcake…makes my tummy roar!

  65. Hillary Moldovan

    My favorite is the Gingerbread House cupcake. I’d love to see a Nutcracker theme of cupcakes!

  66. Megan

    I absolutely LOVE the Sparkling Pink Faux Fake Cupcake with Chocolate Sauce and Zebra Striped Wrapper!! I see a few with the animal print wrappers but no animal themed ones. It’d be great to see ones that have themes with the ocean, jungle, desert, forest, etc. OR species specific ones, like for people that like cats, dogs, fish, horses, etc. etc… i could go on forever with that one! lol

  67. Erin

    Cakery Fakery is my favorite Etsy shop! I’m surprised my laptop still works after all the drool I get on it when looking at the cupfakes. lol!

    It’s a tough choice but I think my favorite has to be the Christmas Candyland cupfake. I’d love to see a cupfake with cute little bunnies on it. Oh~ or maybe for Halloween one with evil bunnies. :D Or peeps candy! lol, sorry I’m getting too many ideas.

  68. Melissa

    I LOVE the Christmas Candyland! I think a purple and green, sparkly, fairy cupcake would be perfect! I have a fairy and cupcake addicted 3 yo having a birthday in December that would love it!

  69. Julie

    I have to pick just one? Wow that’s hard… I guess if I really really had to choose only one, I would pick the Donut Shop Cupfake! It combines two of my favorite things!

    I think if she did another kind, I would love to see a peanutbutter cup one! YUMMY! :)

  70. Brenda

    The Christmas Candyland cupcake is my favorite since Christmas is too close already. I collect mermaids too so a frothy sea foam frosted cupcake would be the perfect little ocean for a sea nymph to frolic in.

  71. Melissa

    I love the Sparkling Pink Faux Fake Cupcake! It’s so yummy looking and girly :)

  72. MaryBeth I

    Christmas Candyland Fake Cupcake Cupfake Home Decor or paperweight

    I would love to see a LOST themed cupcake

  73. Judy R

    I love the Pretty Pink Princess ones

  74. ali

    I love the christmas candyland one. I think a game theme one such as life, monopoly, candyland would be awesome. they are so cute

  75. David

    I love the donut one and I know my one would appreciate it. I think they should have different a peanut butter banana one would be cool, or a lava fudge one :]

  76. Maddie

    My favorite is the haunted house cupfake, its just soo realistic and it goes along great with the halloween season! i love it!!!

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