Giant Cupcake Liner

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One day you found a cupcake liner for a race of giants.  What would you do with the liner?

In actuality, Sweet Cake is the XXL version. Sweet Cake is an amusing eye-catcher, no matter how you choose to use it. It´s an absolute all-rounder, whether it´s used as a pet bed, planter, mini sandbox, a kid´s wading pool or even as a tiny garden pond.

Cupcake  PoolCupcake Garden

The liners are sold at a german site at

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7 Responses to Giant Cupcake Liner

  1. Christi

    This would be perfect for my daughter’s cupcake birthday party… too bad it would cost so much to ship to the U.S.!

  2. bentley

    The page is gone. Hmmm. And somebody is using the image to advertise in Facebook. I hate it when that happens. I won’t be joining THAT site!

  3. Mindy

    Found it here:

  4. Mindy

    super pricey though!

  5. k

    They are $250 without shipping on right now.

  6. Chuck B

    I wish you had one made of metal it would make a great cooling tank for a antique gas engine

  7. debbie bolduc

    thats it im making a wood one and then going to make one out of latex! cause im not going to pay that much! so if i make it then i have the size i want!
    call me if you want one 678-535-7645…deb

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