Chaos Theory Opening Night!

By on August 9th, 2008 . Filed under: Bakeries .

Whoo, I am SO full of root beer marshmallows I can barely type but I’m suffering for my art— the art of telling you how flipping rad Chaos Theory Cakes & Confections was tonight.

I teamed up with my favorite Windy City Roller derby girl, Belle Diablo and ate everything from honey lemon marshmallows to a spinach cake with green apples and onion mousse. I have to say, as horrified as you might be by the latter, I’m glad I ate it. Like, if I had potato chips to go with it I would have been set.

Of course I was on the look out for interesting cupcakes and there were plenty, from spicy chocolate to cilantro. Yeah, that’s right. Michelle Garcia isn’t afraid to freak you out with cupcakes, cream puffs or anything else. And that’s why we love her.

So if you’re in Chicago put Chaos Theory on your to-do list. And eat a root beer marshmallow for me, because I put myself on a temporary ban. You can see all my blurry photos on Flickr. I was cake drunk, sorry. The Bleeding Heart Bakery posted better pictures here.

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2 Responses to Chaos Theory Opening Night!

  1. I heart cupcakes

    wish I was nearer to Chicago!!! I’ve sent it to my chum who lives there and asked her to go check it out on my behalf :)

  2. Melisser

    Oh snap. I am coming to Chicago.

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