Cupcake Tour Toronto

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Toronto Cupcakes

Take a tour testing out all the cupcakes in the Toronto area! This Google map of Toronto has mapped out 15 places you can get your next cupcake fix.
This cupcake tour was inspired by the following blogs from Toronto…
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3 Responses to Cupcake Tour Toronto

  1. MsC

    Wow this is great! You don’t hear much about Eastern Canada cupcakes. Now I need to make a road trip!

  2. Suresh

    I just saw this, many thanks for plugging our site! :)

    There is a pretty crazy cupcake addiction in Toronto, we just released part 3 of the guide with a slew of new places that opened up.


  3. CupcakesToronto

    Anybody want to meet up for a cupcake crawl or cupcake party?

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