Cupcake Birthday Party Supplies

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When my daughter turned two years old a few years ago, we had a cupcake themed party. It was so much fun but at that time, cupcake decorations and party supplies were harder to find. It seems that ever week I hear about a fan that is planning a similar party for their little one.  And lucky for them, cupcakes are everywhere now!  Here are some cute items I found on Etsy today that might be just what you need if you are planning a cupcake party too.

Cupcake Party Invitations 10 for $10


Cupcake Pinata $35

Cupcake Banner $40


Cupcake Goodie Bags $2.75 each

Visit stayhomecupcake on Etsy.

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    I love cupcakes! You can find more great birthday party decorations here –

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