Black White + Silver Cupcakes

By on December 30th, 2008 . Filed under: Decorating .


Black White + Silver Cupcakes on flickr by Bev (SugarBloom Cupcakes).

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2 Responses to Black White + Silver Cupcakes

  1. Gamla silvermynt

    Gamla svenska mynt har ibland ett silvervärde. Tex så svenska enkronor innan 1968 har ett silvervärde på flera kronor per krona. Se vad gamla silvermynt kan vara värda.

  2. Ivonne Prezzia

    Im no specialist, but I feel you just stated the perfect issue. You clearly know a lot about what youre discussing, and I can genuinely support that. Thanks for being so straightforword and so sincere concerning the subject matter. I really feel like I’ve a much better understanding now.

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