How to make the Halloween Cupcake Costume!

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You’ve asked, we got it.

Here are complete instructions on how to make the cupcake costume we featured here. Sent in from Meredith .

I had so much fun figuring out how to make
it, can’t believe I didn’t win the costume contest at work.
Here are my directions:

1. I used a round laundry basket for the inside frame (not as easy to find
as one might think). Believe I found mine at K-Mart. Cut out the bottom and
cut a line down the back to put it on I tied two straps to the top like
suspenders to hold it on my shoulders (the frosting covered those up).

2. I took a stiff board, but not as heavy as cardboard and folded it in 2"
or 3" accordion sections and stapled them together after I made sure I had
enough. When I attached it to the laundry basket I got the inner folds of
the board and punched little holes like a : a few inches from the top and
bottom and used craft wire to connect it to the cross bars of the wash
basket. When I had that part done I spray painted the bottom.

3. for the frosting I got some of that 1/4" flat batting from the craft
store. I hot glued the first layer onto the basket rim and top of the
cupcake liner. Then I believe I used spray glue to glue the rest. Remember
to cut the batting in the same place you have your opening in the back so it
opens for you. I laid it out in sections first then glued it. About 2 layers
into the frosting I didn’t glue on the sides so my arms would fit through. I
marked it on the inside so I knew where my arms would go.

4. I taped off the bottom and spray painted the frosting. And for the
sprinkles I just used plain felt and cut out sprinkles and hot glued them
on. Once I had it on I had someone use a paperclip to clip the top and
bottom of my opening to keep the board closed.

And that is about it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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16 Responses to How to make the Halloween Cupcake Costume!

  1. Delaina

    Amazing! Thanks for honoring the request for directions – I’m totally stoked! Thank you Meredith and thank you ATC!

  2. Costumzee

    Great work! Please, feel free to share this amazing realization with our community, I am certain many people will appreciate it!

  3. Dreambelle Designs

    I LOVE IT!!! I’m definitely going to make it for Halloween this year, Anyone know how to make a “cherry” hat?

  4. Kristen

    WOW! That is tooo awesome! I can’t wait to try to make it! I am so blown away with how talented you are…so creative!
    My 4 yr old and I will have fun trying to make it.
    Thanks so much for the directions!

  5. Meg

    I’m also making a cupcake for my 4yr. I want it to be easy to get on and off for potty purposes, sitting down in school, etc. So, I am putting a fitted knit miniskirt OVER the rim of the basket first. This will allow her to wear the bottom as a skirt. I’m then hot gluing the accorian cake liner to the skirt and basket. She will wear a hoodied sweatshirt (inside out) w/ the icing (as described above) on the sweatshirt. Top the hoodie with a stuffed cherry. (Or hot glue gun a styrofoam red painted ball w/ brown pipe cleaner) for a cherry. Can’t wait!

  6. kim

    you look like a fucking idiot. you disgrace cupcakes.
    you look like a ugly muffin. what were you thinking. shame shame on you!!!

  7. maggie

    um…y is she sitting down, does she have 2, to be able to wear the costume? I dont get it, and no im not retarted, but im also not trying 2 be mean, its a very nice comstume, u no, im just curious about that…do u know what i mean? anyway, i’ll try it out ,so thanks for the instructions and we’ll c how it ends up looking. :)

  8. Kayli Carpener

    Hey my name is kayli and im 13 years old and I love your cupcake costumes and I want to be that for halloween amd I dont know where or how to make it ok bye!

  9. Pam

    I would like to apolize for the stupid comment written by Kim on January 9th, 2009. My daughter is a cupcake this year and I was searching the web for ideas. Low and behold we have one idoits comment that is very inappropriate!! Your costume is cute and this person doesn’t know the meaning of SHAME!!!!!

  10. summer

    its awesome i did it and all my friends want to no how i did it.. and all i said was ask meredith! :)

  11. Karyn

    I love it! I was browsing for unique ideas for what to be this year and I found this. Its perfect, all my friends know I love to bake and it will be a really unique costume. Thanks for the instructions, the laundry basket was a great idea!

  12. Bonnie

    Wow…you did a fantastic job!!!! My 3 yr old just walked over and said YUMMY CUPCAKE! Im going to try this out, thanks for the idea. It’s just amazing! congrats!

  13. Cindy

    To Kim who wrote that nasty message on January 9th, 2009:

    Wow, I’m thinking your parents didn’t love you enough when you were a kid (and possibly even now). You are such a parasite. Get a life.

  14. nicole

    what did u use for the cucake wrapper and do you need the basket. thanks.

  15. delanie

    what did you use to keep it up and not fall down?

  16. Lizzie

    Is there any other subsitute for batting? I can’t find it and I don’t have time to go to a craft store.

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