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Personalized Cupcake Pillowcase!

By on Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Who doesn’t want to drift off to sweet dreams atop a personalized cupcake pillowcase? This snazzy pillowcase is available from Etsy seller The Trendy Butterfly for $20 plus shipping. The image is printed on the pillowcase, which is wash and dry friendly! And there’s a discount if you buy three or more! Happy shopping!

Cupcake Stepping Stone

By on Monday, August 20th, 2012

I am loving this Cupcake Stepping Stone Kit I found on today.  Each kit comes with enough supplies to make one 12 inch stone.   I would love a whole path of these cupcakes leading up to my front door but for $16.47 plus .97 shipping for each, I may just have to settle for one accent stone for my garden.  They also come in flower, star, turtle and many other shapes and have been spotted at Michael’s too.

Cupcake Keys

By on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

I have seen the customized house keys before but yesterday was the first time I saw a cupcake one!  You can find the custom cupcake key at Walmart for $4.24.  There is also a matching cupcake key chain for $4.87, these would be a great gift for a new home or car owner!

Cupcake Wall Decals

By on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

I don’t know if I could handle the constant hunger cues, but these wall stickers would look cute in a child’s bedroom or kitchen. A set of 12 is only $10 on Amazon! The cupcakes measure: 6 – 3.25″ x 6 – 1.75″. And you can move them without damaging the stickers or the walls, so there’s no major commitment involved!

Lace Affair Cupcake Products

By on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

My friend sent me a link to Lace Affair’s website after doing a quick search and seeing the cute cupcake products the company offers.  I really want one of the sweet as a cupcake hooks that cost only $7.99.

Now that it’s officially summer and HOT outside I am considering buying the icing on the cupcake dress for $38.99.  The website also sells cupcake earrings and a cupcake bank!

Liberty of London Tea Towel

By on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

This Liberty of London white bird print tea towel is a little different from the Liberty of London patterns I have seen before.  The tea towel features a blue bird eating a cupcakes and costs £12.50.   The image is also available on everything needed for a tea party, plates, teapots, teacups, three tiered cake stands, and more.

New Inspirational Cupcake Gift

By on Friday, April 27th, 2012
There is an amazingly cute new gift on the cupcake market–Cravings from writer Carey Bailey. When Carey became a mom, she noticed that life got a little (or a lot) crazy. So, to help other moms find a few moments of peace and tranquility, she created Cravings, a collection of 40 card-size devotionals based on the Psalms. Each card contains an inspirational Bible verse, a “thoughtlet,” and an action idea. These cards are held in a gorgeous pink cupcake card holder that will be with its owners long after children are grown up (assuming of course that it is kept away from the children!).


I asked Carey, “Why cupcakes?” And she answered, “I knew I needed just the right image to capture the interest of moms. I began brainstorming with a good friend who also happens to be a graphic designer. I knew I wanted a shabby chic look but I could not pinpoint the exact image until I came across several hand stamped cupcake images on Etsy. It all clicked at that moment. My friend got to work and after just a few test cupcakes the Cravings cupcake was born. I love it!”
So of course, I had to know what cupcake Carey claims as a favorite. “It is much too hard to narrow my favorite cupcake down to one choice. My first pick would be a lemon cake with a lemon frosting with extra, extra lemon zest. I want it to make me pucker! My second pick would be a milk chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter frosting. Think of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in cupcake form.  I made both of these for the Cravings Cupcake Tasting Soiree I hosted for the launch of the product and they were a hit.”


If you know a mom who loves cupcakes, especially one who might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all that moms do, this would make a great gift!