Martha Stewart Cupcakes 2012 Wall Calendar

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You all may not know this, but I work for Jenni Bick Bookbinding, an Internet company that sells a variety of items from Italian leather photo albums, moleskine notebooks, day planners, calendars and so much more! And every once in a while we get in a fabulous cupcake item, and this one takes the (cup)cake.

We recently got in our 2012 Calendars, and lo and behold there it was, Martha Stewart Cupcakes 2012 Wall Calendar. Anything of Martha’s is visually stunning and very well done, this calendar is no exception. It was designed and put together with us cupcake bakers in mind.


They’re two elements that I absolutely love about this calendar– At the bottom of every month/page there is a baking tip or fact. One of my favorite tips is –Save Butter Wrappers for Greasing Pans, rather than discard the wrapper after you’ve used a stick of butter, stash it in the freezer inside a re-sealable plastic bag. When you need to butter a baking dish take out the wrapper, let if soften slighty, and use.


The second element that I love, is the recipe cards that are provided for the scrumptious cupcakes displayed within the calendar.


You could give Martha Stewart a run for her money with all the knowledge that this calendar provides.

Oh Boy, do I have a craving for cupcakes now!


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