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“All Things Cupcake is about, literally, all things cupcake-related. From a cupcake ashtray to a cupcake charm bracelet to cupcake napkins and baby shoes, lip balm, dog tags and so much more.” Cupcake Takes The Cake: Congratulates us on our 1000th Post.

“All Things Cupcake is a site for the cupcake obsessed. If you aren’t obsessed with cupcakes, you will be! These girls do a great job updating this site daily, so you are always going to get your cupcake fix.” – Women Blogging Article

“Another delicious treat of a website for EVERYTHING cupcakes, All Things Cupcake” – The Cupcakery

“Bursting with recipes, photos and all the cupcake products and services you could ever dream of, this blog has already snagged a place in Martha Stewart’s Circle, not to mention our hearts.” – Cakespy: Interview with Jess of All Things Cupcake.

“We love cupcakes! We love to eat them, are inspired by them, and generally like all things cupcake related. So it was a nice surprise to see the liliputians pink and brown cupcake dress and the lil’ cupcake dress on the super fun, cupcake obsessed blog, All Things Cupcake.” – Liliputians NYC

“Our catchphrase for this blog is “All Cupcakes, All The Time,” so how could we not love the new blog All Things Cupcake, started by Tattooed Mama Jess? Every day it’s bringing new and delightful cupcake merchandise, just in time for the holidays!” – Cupcakes Take The Cake

“We found the most delightful blog, All Things Cupcake, which is a blog about — you guessed it — cupcakes!” – The Mom Salon