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Shop Sweet Lulu

By on Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Looking for cupcake supplies or just party supplies in general? Have you checked out Shop Sweet Lulu?  The website is filled with tons of great products to make any party special.  For cupcake fans the “cupcakery” has great liners, boxes, and stands.  For the general party planner theres balloons of every size and color, garlands, paper plates, and more!

Box of Goodies Giveaway

By on Monday, March 7th, 2011


Hello cupcake fans! Are you ready for another sweet giveaway?  This week’s giveaway comes to you from ATC sponsor Forever MK Cupcakes.  They make unique cupcake trinket boxes and other cupcake treasures.  So unique and so beautiful!   Check out a few of my personal favorites from their shop:

This week one lucky winner will get a box of cupcake goodies from Forever MK Cupcakes.  We aren’t going to tell you what is in there but believe me, any cupcake fan would be very happy to win this!  To enter this giveaway, go to Forever MK Cupcakes’ website and pick out your favorite item.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us what your favorite item was AND let us know what kind of trinket box you think they should add to their site.   One winner will be chosen on Monday, March 14th.

Be creative!  Have fun!


Make sure to become a Forever MK Cupcakes   fan on Facebook  to stay up to date on coupon codes and new items!

Long Live the Cupcake Party

By on Saturday, March 5th, 2011

After throwing our first ever cupcake themed party a month ago for my daughter’s 7th Birthday I am a massive fan.  The girls all had a fantastic time decorating the cupcakes, in the tea party like setting I had created.  I only wish I had known about these first!

This is a cupcake centerpiece , which (don’t be fooled by the picture) is quite big standing at about 20 inches tall, each cupcake being 5 inches tall.  But the best thing about these is that they offer you unlimited ideas for future cupcake parties, or tea parties.

Bought new each of these cupcakes is actually a jar, and inside is a packet of cupcake flavored cookies! So you can, if you want give them as gifts after the party… OR you can keep them and re use again and again.  Even play games with them, such as hiding something in one cupcake jar!  Actually I am thinking these would be perfect party favors at our wedding later this year…

Of course, you don’t need to get the full stand with all 24 cupcakes, you can also buy the cupcake jars filled with cupcake cookies individually.  Best of all, is I hear the cookies are amazing! I could really go the triple chocolate cookie jar right now!

If you are looking for these, you’ll find them at Diva Entertains!

Batter Babies… perfect half and half cupcakes!

By on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

If you are looking for the latest thing in cupcakes, then this is it.  One of our newest ATC Sponsors has hit the market with a bang with these ‘babies’.

What are they exactly? Well these are ‘Batter Babies’ and make creating your two toned cupcakes a breeze!

The way they work is you line your standard baking pan with papers, then insert your Batter Babies into the papers, so they effectively dissect your cupcake into two halves.  Spoon or squirt your first cupcake color, or flavor into the first side and the other color or flavor into the other.  You then remove your Batter Babies and bake!  Too easy, but fantastic results.. so next time you are having a sports party, celebrating something at school, or wanting to create the perfect flavor combination, think about adding these to your baking accessory collection!

For more information about Batter Babies, check out Kimber Cakeware!

Happy Valentines Day ‘Hoot’

By on Sunday, February 13th, 2011

One thing that is almost as big as cupcakes, is a trend for really cute owls! It is no wonder then that owls, cupcakes and Valentines Day have all been combined to create a super cute gift for someone special.

These owl cupcakes were created by My Own Barn and you can find out all about them at the blog.  It is truly a haven for owl lovers with everything ‘owl’ being displayed!  But it was not the blog that got my attention, it was the cupcake, adorned with a lovely owl that was winking at me on Flickr.  You can check them out here.

Any girls birthday dream!

By on Monday, February 7th, 2011

What would make a little girls birthday completely magical?

What else but unicorns and rainbows!  And that is what Alicake did for her girl’s birthday party!

These use white fondant for the faces and eyes, chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the horn, a black food coloring pen for the eyes and mouth, and tinted vanilla frosting for the hair.

I’m sure Kate loved them!

Cupcake wine glasses

By on Monday, January 17th, 2011

For the ultimate cupcake party princess you need to have one of these fantastic cupcake wine glasses!  Say goodbye to those pesky little wine glass identifier metal rings, which get lost and in my case fly off as I get animated… no from now on I’m rocking up to my friends and family with this!

Well maybe not, I’m not that much of a princess, but it would be great fun at home.  Though I am not too sure I would be able to keep it away from my daughter.  Safe to say it would be juice and soda only for her (probably together, because she is crazy that way!)

You can get one of these glasses for the birthday girl, or treat yourself, birthday or no birthday.  They are available from Diva Entertains!