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Nerdcake of the week: Angry birds – take 2!

By on Monday, March 21st, 2011

A while ago I brought you some fantastic Angry Bird cupcakes!  These fondant toppers were amazing, but today I have found an equally great version of Angry Birds!  Check out this extravagant cupcake cake featuring those Angry Birds in action!  These are from Madame Patti-Cakes, and completely rock!

There are plenty of close up images of the pigs and the birds on Madame Patti-Kake’s Flickr account here, but it is this photo which I love best, with pigs balancing on cupcake towers and yes, that is a bird flying towards them!

If only I was better at the game!

Glee Cupcakes

By on Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Even though the ‘show of the moment’ is in debate with all the press about Charlie Sheen, Glee is still VERY popular, so today I thought I would bring you some more of the best Glee Cupcakes! Check these out…

This is so awesome, no more words required. This is created by SugarMama Cakes

This next collection is from MsBakeBake. I love the megaphone!

St Patricks Day Cupcakes

By on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

St Patricks Day is just around the corner, and well although I am not Irish I am keen to celebrate for any reason at all.  Countries such as India fascinate me because every week there is a new celebration… but being Australian, I settle for the fact that we constantly seem to have some home grown festival to celebrate, and where there is a gap in the calendar, we look to our multicultural heritage.

So last week was National Women’s Day, and this week is St Patricks Day, and in trying to find the perfect cupcake to bake for our humble celebration at work on Thursday, I stumbled onto the Brown Eyed Baker, a website I often frequent, who has created her St Patty Cuppies which are called ‘Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes’.  But it is not just these fantastically boozy cupcakes she has, but a whole selection of St Patrick’s treats including beer waffles with cinnamon-caramel apples, guinness milk chocolate ice cream, Irish brown bread and more.

For me though, the cupcakes will be perfect!! Recipe can be found here!

Simple Fondant Cupcakes!

By on Friday, March 11th, 2011

Some people look down on cupcakes that are quick and easy to make, but often, the effort of designing a simple fondant decoration can be very rewarding.  As you may know I am in search of cupcakes for my daughter’s school fete which I can whip up in a jiffy.  For these, I want to make an impact to get the highest price possible, but don’t want to spend 5 years in the kitchen!  So on seeing these frog in the pond cupcakes I know I have found a winner.

These frogs are created and designed by Wendy’s Whimsies and are cute, plus I can make them even simpler!  We have a ton of smarties left over from a birthday party so I will just make pipe a dot of icing onto each smartie to make the eyes!

If you have any great ideas let me know!!

Best ever Hummingbird Cupcakes!

By on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

There are a large number of blogs that I follow religiously because they offer such fantastic information, and one of those is Annie’s Eats.  It is not all about cupcakes, but then I need to eat other forms of food too (well.. sometimes!) and everything she features is brilliant!

But what I want to share today, is a cupcake that she recently featured and that I have tried and it really is… really good!  Plus it looks amazing!  This is the Hummingbird Cupcake!  No birds however are harmed in the creation of this baby!  It has loads of yummy things though like bananas, walnuts and coconut!  If Grandma is coming around, this is the cupcake to bake!  Best of all the full recipe is available here.

But you may want more than just a tasty cupcake recipe?  Well Annie’s Eats also goes one step further and tells you how to make those absolutely fabulous dried pineapple flowers to decorate them with here.  I have to make cupcakes next week for the school autumn fete (we are either six months behind or in front seasonally) so these are going to be a hit with the conservative patrons!  Of course I’ll whip out some whacky colored cupcakes with adorable kid inspired fondant toppers to get the younger crowd buying as well!

Happy Baking!

Long Live the Cupcake Party

By on Saturday, March 5th, 2011

After throwing our first ever cupcake themed party a month ago for my daughter’s 7th Birthday I am a massive fan.  The girls all had a fantastic time decorating the cupcakes, in the tea party like setting I had created.  I only wish I had known about these first!

This is a cupcake centerpiece , which (don’t be fooled by the picture) is quite big standing at about 20 inches tall, each cupcake being 5 inches tall.  But the best thing about these is that they offer you unlimited ideas for future cupcake parties, or tea parties.

Bought new each of these cupcakes is actually a jar, and inside is a packet of cupcake flavored cookies! So you can, if you want give them as gifts after the party… OR you can keep them and re use again and again.  Even play games with them, such as hiding something in one cupcake jar!  Actually I am thinking these would be perfect party favors at our wedding later this year…

Of course, you don’t need to get the full stand with all 24 cupcakes, you can also buy the cupcake jars filled with cupcake cookies individually.  Best of all, is I hear the cookies are amazing! I could really go the triple chocolate cookie jar right now!

If you are looking for these, you’ll find them at Diva Entertains!

Batter Babies… perfect half and half cupcakes!

By on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

If you are looking for the latest thing in cupcakes, then this is it.  One of our newest ATC Sponsors has hit the market with a bang with these ‘babies’.

What are they exactly? Well these are ‘Batter Babies’ and make creating your two toned cupcakes a breeze!

The way they work is you line your standard baking pan with papers, then insert your Batter Babies into the papers, so they effectively dissect your cupcake into two halves.  Spoon or squirt your first cupcake color, or flavor into the first side and the other color or flavor into the other.  You then remove your Batter Babies and bake!  Too easy, but fantastic results.. so next time you are having a sports party, celebrating something at school, or wanting to create the perfect flavor combination, think about adding these to your baking accessory collection!

For more information about Batter Babies, check out Kimber Cakeware!