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Easter – Two great ideas!

By on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Is Easter late or early??

Well it can be both!

Technically Easter is really late this year, I struggle to remember when it happened so far through April!  But it can also be early, in that I am bringing you a few Easter ideas today!  Two cool ideas that you can create at home… well even if you can’t you can let them inspire you for your own holiday celebrations!

This is a super cute idea, placing a chocolate bunny inside a sugar basket atop a cupcake. This fantastic creation is by Yummy Mummy.

These little chicks are fantastic. These are from the wonderfully creative and also surprising Hoosier Homemade!

An unusual garden cupcake…

By on Monday, April 4th, 2011

Every now and then you stumble, quite literally down and around the garden path, to discover something very unusual.  This would have to be the first ever cupcake I have found which has featured wellingtons.  Now I know in Australia as we head into autumn and winter the shoe stores are lining up gumboots as the second biggest fashion boot (apart from the fluffy avatar / Ugh style), but cupcakes adopting the wellington?

I guess if you do it as well as Poppy Kate has done here, then you are doing pretty well.  I actually love these, they look so fun and so Spring or Fall, depending which half of the hemisphere you are in!

Summer (Wedding) Cupcakes…

By on Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Is it too early to start thinking about summer cupcakes?  I mean Spring is only just starting to bloom, but if you are planning a wedding then you probably will be well on the way to deciding!

So today I thought I would bring a bit of a summer wedding collective!  But if you are not getting married, don’t despair, each of these also make great general summer cupcakes, so book mark them for when the weather warms up!

Love this cool summer color palette, bright blues and vivid sea green, with lots of wedding white. Simply perfect cupcakes from Bella Cupcakes. Also I love the use of the sea urchin!

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Dogs love cupcakes too!

By on Monday, March 28th, 2011

Just because your adorable pooch can’t have the real deal, there is no reason why you cannot purchase a doggy cupcake just for them!

Introducing Rooney, a three year old Boston Terrier, who totally adores his treats!  In fact Rooney will do just about anything for a treat, so what started off as trick to balance dog treats on her nose has now developed into this spectacular talent of balancing cupcakes! Unfortunately though, there are no cupcake treats for dogs, well not that I know of, so Maria (Rooney’s owner) introduced plush fabric cupcakes!  The only shame is that they fail to last very long!

Rooney is also the inspiration behind Maria’s new cupcake business RooneyGirl Bakeshop!

Red Riding Hood

By on Sunday, March 27th, 2011

As you probably know there is a new movie that has just been released called ‘Red Riding Hood’.  I am not sure about the USA, but here it has been trashed by pretty much every single newspaper, radio station and other media.  I haven’t seen it… and I am going to take their advice and not bother… but I hope kids still love the original story (whichever form you happen to have!  I love the early versions)

But whether you like a happy ending or a black one, you have to admit, these cupcakes by Leapula are absolutely amazing!

Thinking of giving roses?

By on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Gorgeous pail of roses by Cassie's Cakes

Well then why not give a bucket of cupcake roses?  Not only do they look beautiful, but they have one thing that roses don’t!  They taste fantastic too!

Many people want to know how to create this rose shape, and it is actually easier than you would think.  All you need is the right nozzle tip and a dozen cupcakes to practice on!  So while you are baking your practice cupcakes, check out this video from Gabrielle Feuersinger, owner of San Francisco’s Cake Coquette here at

Now Gabrielle uses a pastry nail to get that PERFECT finish, but if you don’t have one, you can apply the technique directly onto the cupcake!

Showcase that cupcake!!

By on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

If you spend hours creating a cupcake work of art, you need to spend a few minutes making it look fantastic when you serve it!  Besides, you have worked hard to create your masterpiece, so it deserves to stand in the spotlight for a few minutes before it disintegrates to just a few crumbs and a great memory.  So how to do this?

Little cupcake stands!  These are a great new product from Diva Entertains and are a great way for converting a cupcake into a classy dessert! Imagine these on your dinner table at your next dinner party!  Check them out here.