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Cupcakes & Tea Bath Set

By on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Gotta love this new Bath Tea and Cupcake Set  bath toys sold online at  Even us big kids can have fun playing in a bubble bath with this set! And who says you can only play with them in the bath?  For only $9.99, this would be a sweet little gift for a little loved one for Valentine’s Day.

Ditsy Daisies

By on Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Cupcake Hand Warmer

So did you get everything on your list this year? If you had cupcake items on your list then UK based Ditsy Daisies is the place to find them.  Longtime All Things Cupcake friend and sponsor has some of the cutest and most uniquely sweet items.  Here are a few or my favorites and FYI, they take Paypal and ship to the US too!


Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

Cappuccino Cup & Saucer


And did you know that Ditsy Daisies has much, much more than cupcakes?  Clocks, magnets, tins, coasters, dolls, stationery, books, soaps, cake stands, towels, pillowcases, pens, oven mitts and so much more.   Make sure to visit their site and take a look around!

Cupcake Christmas Trees

By on Friday, December 14th, 2012

Every year at this time we receive a lot of amazing cupcake Christmas tree photos from our wonderful fans.  Here are our first submissions this year from our Facebook page.  I so wish my hubby would let me put up one of these in our house!

Loyal fan, Karen, has not one but two cupcake Christmas trees!






And how about this pink beauty?  It was sent in by Tans TastyCakes in New Jersey.


Do you have a cupcake Christmas tree too? Well, head on over to our Facebook page and share it with us!  Have a sweet Christmas!

Mickey Cupcake Charm

By on Sunday, November 4th, 2012

My family and I are busy planning our next trip to Disney World and when I saw this on Etsy today, I had to share.  It is cute, sweet and petite and I love it!  It brings together three of my loves too- Disney, cupcakes and jewelry.  For only $8 from A Girl and Her Clay, this handmade polymer clay Mickey Mouse cupcake is a great deal!

Hurricane Cupcakes

By on Monday, October 29th, 2012

Here on the east coast of the US we are hunkering down and riding through hurricane Sandy. With 50+ mile an hour winds and over a half a foot rain, it is a good day to stay indoors.  So while we are stuck inside, how about making some sweet cupcakes! These cupcakes were from Coastal Cupcakes in North Carolina during hurricane Irene but I am sure with some colored fondant, you could make them as well.  I love the pop of color in the red cylone and the two red hurricane warning flags. Hopefully my power will stay on long enough to make these today.  Stay safe cupcake fans!

Record Cupcake Stand

By on Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Looking for a cool old school way to display your cupcakes? Check out this unique 3 tier record stand being sold on Ebay this week. Yes, it is a bit pricey at around $50 with shipping to the US.   But My_E_Room is also selling just the cake stand handle and rods as well for only about $12.  So if you have some old records laying around, you can make your own stand! 

Cupcake Rings

By on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Over the past few weeks I have shared with you some of my favorite cupcake jewelry finds. I’ve shared a cool bracelet and a sweet pendant and this week I am moving onto rings! It was way to tough to just pick one so here are two fabulous finds. This unique silver & brass ring is from Etsy seller Angela Gomez Jewelry and is a great price at $28.  I am also loving this pretty and yes a bit kitschy cupcake ring from Kelsea Echo Studios.  It is a steal at $7.50!  And as icing on the cake (pun intended) they are donating 100% of their revenue to the American Heart Association until October 19th.  Two very sweet rings!