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Meatloaf Cupcakes by the Meatloaf Bakery

By on Monday, October 11th, 2010

Omega-3 Cupcake by The Meatloaf Bakery

Meatloaf cupcakes aren’t just for April Fool’s Day anymore. Chicago’s Meatloaf Bakery serves them up every day of the week, along with bite-sized loafies (so cute!) and full-sized meatloaves. Cynthia, aka The Chief Mealoaf Maker, had been experimenting in meatloaf for years when she asked herself the question, “Who said meatloaf always had to be baked as a‚ well, as a loaf?” At that point, she found herself free to make her meatloaves are pretty as she wanted them to be.   And really, what’s better looking than a cupcake?
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Twinkie-Chan and her Amazing Technicolor Crochet Cupcakes

By on Sunday, October 10th, 2010

The Amazing Twinkie Chan!

I came across Twinkie Chan’s delicious wares when I wrote the post about the cupcake goodies to be found at the Japan LA Pop Culture Shop.  Twinkie Chan is the creative genius behind the Yummy You! line of knitted/wearable foodstuffs; the knitted cupcake scarf featured in the Japan LA post is one of her creations.

I tracked Twinkie Chan across the internet to her ridiculously cute website, and though we’re separated by several hundred miles , secured an interview with her via email. The results of our electronic Q&A session are below.

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A Call to Revive Sweetest Day: Make 10/16/10 sweet for those who need it most!

By on Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Sweets for Sweetest Day by Shari's Berries

The third Saturday in October is Sweetest Day; this year that falls on October 16th. It’s a wee holiday that’s mostly celebrated up in the Great Lakes region with the giving of small gifts to loved ones. Sweetest Day originated in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922 as a PR move by a committee of Cleveland confectioners: on the first Sweetest Day, 20,000 boxes of candy were distributed to the city’s poor and unfortunate by movie stars. Admittedly, giving boxes of candy to the needy is great press, but what I take away from this is that Sweetest Day is about giving to those who need it most.

I want to advocate for a revival of Sweetest Day as a holiday where we again give to the most vulnerable among us.  Since we can all agree that cupcakes are way better/sweeter than candy, it’s pretty easy to see how we can fit our favorite baked good into this equation.  Also, from what I’ve read in All Things Cupcake, cupcake aficionados are all about uniting our favorite food with philanthropy.  This is something we do naturally – it’s no secret cupcake-lovers are sweethearts.

Celebrations of Sweetest Day can be as literal as giving cupcakes to orphans, but they could also take the form of bake sales to feed the hungry or to raise awareness about epilepsy. We’ve already seen the outpouring of cupcakes and funds in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti and Jody Hall‘s use of Cupcake Royale as a platform for social justice.   Let’s use Sweetest Day as a way to celebrate the best parts of ourselves and to use cupcakes to their greatest potential – helping our fellow human beings.

If you decide to plan something for Sweetest Day, let us know! We at All Things Cupcake would love to hear about our readers plans to bring back what is possibly the only cupcake-related social justice holiday in existence.

October 18th is National Chocolate Cupcake Day (& other October cupcake-related holidays)

By on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Cayenne Chocolate Cupcake by Carpe Cupcakes!

National Cupcake Day was way back in March, so it’s about time for another cupcake holiday, right?  I’m pretty sure that National Chocolate Cupcake Day wasn’t created by an act of Congress, but if Cupcakes Take the Cake and National Food Holidays say it’s a holiday, that’s good enough for me.

In case chocolate isn’t your thing, National Angel Food Cake Day is October 10th, National Dessert Day is October 14th, National Candy Corn Day is October 30th, the third Saturday in October is Sweetest Day, and of course there’s Halloween. October has plenty of good reasons to bake and enjoy delicious cupcakes!

Cow and Cupcake Cream & Sugar Set

By on Friday, September 24th, 2010

Continuing the run of Uncommon (cupcake!) Goods posts, here is just the sweetest little sugar and creamer set I’ve ever seen.  Artist Beth Mueller hand-paints these herself in her studio in Vermont. I love how adorably but simply she conveys the ideas of cream and sugar!  This ceramic duo isn’t cheap, but then again you’re getting what you pay for in cute creativity and handmade in the USA quality.

A Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe Worth Stealing

By on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

ATC grandmaster Harrison Hung recently sent me this comic, which cracked me up and reminded me of a timely cupcake recipe…

So as not to just tease our faithful readers with mentions of pumpkin cupcake recipes, and also since it’s almost fall, here is an award-winning recipe for Cream-Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes, courtesy of Taste of Home.
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Cupcake-Stuffed Cupcakes (!) by Cakespy

By on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Jessie Oleson, also known as Cakespy, recently upped the ante for filled cupcakes by creating…a cupcake-stuffed cupcake.  I do not kid.  She really made cupcakes that were stuffed with an even smaller cupcake.  We have the picture and the recipe to prove it.

Those cupcakes are full of it...and by it we mean more cupcakes. (photo courtesy of Cakespy and Serious Eats Recipes)

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