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At a different end of the spectrum from the other day’s Nerdy Nummies Do-It-Yourself cupcaking, we have Craftsy’s understated but valuable tips to achieve professional cake decorating effects through simple means. With their Project Cupcake videos, in less than two minutes you can learn how to turn gelatin and food coloring into edible sequins to decorate a cupcake (turns out it just requires a textured acetate sheet and a hole puncher). Or learn how to create a gorgeous ruffly fondant flower to sit atop delicious icing (it only takes a few cookie cutters, a shaping tool, and some piping gel).

While you can certainly learn a great deal from these brief demonstrations, they are merely the free appetizers. Craftsy offers online video lessons for baking, decorating, and more. Within the cake category, there are lessons for everything from starting a business through constructing and decorating wedding cakes. Though the extended lessons offered by Craftsy can be a little more expensive than cake decorating classes through a local craft store like Michaels or AC Moore, the online lessons allow for greater flexibility. You can move at your own pace. It’s easy to repeat instructions for techniques that you have difficulty with or skip ahead if there’s something you’ve learned before and you don’t have to feel as though you’re holding back or rushing the rest of the students in class. And best of all, the classes are available when and where it’s convenient for you.


But cakes and cupcakes are not all that Craftsy has to offer. There’s a knitting pattern for cupcake hats available for free while patterns for other cupcake inspired items (crocheted cupcake pillows, trinket boxes, etc.) are available in their pattern store.

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