10 Tasty Recipes from Huffington Post and OWN

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slide_313706_2820236_freeIt looks like cupcakes may be on Oprah’s list of favorite things. The OWN section of Huffington Post has, well, posted a slideshow of fantastic cupcake recipes. Several are twists on old favorites. Adding a swirl of caramel to a simple vanilla cupcake is an easy way to shake up the classic. Or adding a dash of cinnamon to the cream cheese frosting that traditionally sits atop red velvet cupcakes. The candy pie cupcakes are more of a decorating idea with the linked recipe using a standard vanilla cupcake but substitutions should be easy. In fact, a blueberry cupcake or cherry cupcake that coordinate to the colored M&Ms could taste like chocolate dipped fruit. Other flavors featured, are a little more involved.

slide_313706_2820239_freeJust as the candy pie cupcakes are less of a recipe and more a clever idea for decoration, one of the recipes is for edible bowls that give your ice cream sundae the appearance of a cupcake. The French blueberry yogurt cupcake may not look like a pie but features actual blueberry pie filling atop the yogurt cake and its lemon glaze. It doesn’t take much to make the apple cupcakes look like apples themselves.

51cLqy06K1L._SX260_Another fruity option, the cherries jubilee cupcake, is one of three recipes credited to Robicelli’s (the banana and nutella cupcake on their book’s cover is another of their three featured recipes). A tres leches cupcake with dulce de leche frosting rounds out the Robicelli’s contributions and leaving the maple and bacon cupcake to complete this list of ten enticing recipes.

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