Cupcake Bedding …

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Cozy up with Cupcakes …

Ever loved cupcakes so much that you you want to snuggle up with them while you sleep?

Now here is your chance with this Cupcake Bedding and Cupcake Pillow.



I know  if i had these Id prolly never get out of bed!

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5 Responses to Cupcake Bedding …

  1. Jasmine Tran

    i love cupcakes if had that i would never ever get out of bed!!!!

  2. Heather

    do you know where I can get this? I bought one from abc last year and need another one for bunk beds.

  3. Sofi

    OMG i want this soooo much! so cute!!!!Where can i get this???!!!PLZ!!! I love the pillow but i also like the bedding!Im a cupcake,donut and and other cute snacks FAN!!!

  4. Sandra

    I can’t find this bedding on ABC Dist. Are you selling it> what size is it>

  5. Sandra Bryan

    I am wanting this quilt set so bad. where can I find it? Please let me know.

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