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A Call to Revive Sweetest Day: Make 10/16/10 sweet for those who need it most!

By on Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Sweets for Sweetest Day by Shari's Berries

The third Saturday in October is Sweetest Day; this year that falls on October 16th. It’s a wee holiday that’s mostly celebrated up in the Great Lakes region with the giving of small gifts to loved ones. Sweetest Day originated in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922 as a PR move by a committee of Cleveland confectioners: on the first Sweetest Day, 20,000 boxes of candy were distributed to the city’s poor and unfortunate by movie stars. Admittedly, giving boxes of candy to the needy is great press, but what I take away from this is that Sweetest Day is about giving to those who need it most.

I want to advocate for a revival of Sweetest Day as a holiday where we again give to the most vulnerable among us.  Since we can all agree that cupcakes are way better/sweeter than candy, it’s pretty easy to see how we can fit our favorite baked good into this equation.  Also, from what I’ve read in All Things Cupcake, cupcake aficionados are all about uniting our favorite food with philanthropy.  This is something we do naturally – it’s no secret cupcake-lovers are sweethearts.

Celebrations of Sweetest Day can be as literal as giving cupcakes to orphans, but they could also take the form of bake sales to feed the hungry or to raise awareness about epilepsy. We’ve already seen the outpouring of cupcakes and funds in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti and Jody Hall‘s use of Cupcake Royale as a platform for social justice.   Let’s use Sweetest Day as a way to celebrate the best parts of ourselves and to use cupcakes to their greatest potential – helping our fellow human beings.

If you decide to plan something for Sweetest Day, let us know! We at All Things Cupcake would love to hear about our readers plans to bring back what is possibly the only cupcake-related social justice holiday in existence.

October 18th is National Chocolate Cupcake Day (& other October cupcake-related holidays)

By on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Cayenne Chocolate Cupcake by Carpe Cupcakes!

National Cupcake Day was way back in March, so it’s about time for another cupcake holiday, right?  I’m pretty sure that National Chocolate Cupcake Day wasn’t created by an act of Congress, but if Cupcakes Take the Cake and National Food Holidays say it’s a holiday, that’s good enough for me.

In case chocolate isn’t your thing, National Angel Food Cake Day is October 10th, National Dessert Day is October 14th, National Candy Corn Day is October 30th, the third Saturday in October is Sweetest Day, and of course there’s Halloween. October has plenty of good reasons to bake and enjoy delicious cupcakes!

Iron Cupcake Milwaukee

By on Saturday, September 25th, 2010

As you probably know, this week is Cupcake for a Cancer Cure week, with loads of bakeries around the nation donating funds raised from the selling of their cupcakes towards supporting kids affected by cancer.

At the same time Iron Cupcake Milwaukee decided to think pink with its challenge to support the breast cancer cause!

There were some amazing cupcake ideas, including a lemonade cupcake stand, which won best display.  The photo here, which was the Queen’s Choice winner created by Kate and Christina is a giant pink ribbon is decorated with lots of tiny mini cupcakes.  The cupcakes themselves were lemon cake with a raspberry filling, pink lemonade icing topped with a pink bra made from lemon shortbread.

Well done to all the winners and you can check out the full details and photos here.

Free Ritz-Carlton Cupcake Recipe

By on Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Move over sandwiches and scones, we want our high tea with cupcakes thank you!

And it seems that the Ritz-Carlton Dallas is listening to our cupcake pleas with an interesting adaption of the idea. The high tea will occur on the last Sunday of October and November and then the first three Sundays in December and will see the traditional ‘tea’ items replaced with funky mini cupcakes, with flavors like Praline Pecan, Peach Cobbler, Dr Pepper and Don’t-Mess-With-Chocolate available.

From what I’ve experienced they are pretty darn good, but how would I know, I’m on the other side of the world to Dallas?  Well I have a happen to have a copy of one of their recipes and after a little difficulty locating some of the ingredients, translating the terms into Australian :) I created a batch and they are very tasty!

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The Cupcake Store Sets Up Shop at Downtown Disney

By on Sunday, August 29th, 2010

2009-2010 Holiday Location of The Cupcake Store at Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is about to have a new permanent attraction: cupcakes!  The Cupcake Store, based out of Mission Viejo, CA, had such a successful temporary holiday booth at Downtown Disney that they’ve decided to open up shop there permanently. Word is that they’ll ship in cupcakes daily from the bakery in Mission Viejo to the happy hordes looking to take a break from Splash Mountain and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

The Cupcake Store is run by cupcake veteran Janel Mitchell. This is her first solo store after parting ways with business partner John Frank, with whom she founded Frostings Cupcakes.  The new Downtown Disney location is set to open up in September. With any luck, they’ll be up and running by the time I go down to SoCal for a visit in a few weeks. If that’s the case, I’ll tell you all about it!

Free Cupcakes in Downtown D.C. today!

By on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

If you happen to be in Washington tomorrow then you are in for a Sweet Treat!  D.C.’s Hello Cupcake is celebrating their 2nd birthday, and will be giving away free cupcakes at 10am until they all run out!


1st Annual Cupcake Camp Tallahassee

By on Friday, August 20th, 2010

On Sunday, October 17th, Tallahassee will host its very first Cupcake Camp Tallahassee.  Cupcake lovers are invited to bring cupcakes, or to just show up and eat some! 

This celebration of all things cupcake is free to anyone and everyone.  They will hold a silent auction to benefit Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation.  Many, many cool cupcake items have already been donated!

You can learn more about this event at their blog or on their Facebook page!