Girls Bake Club Use Cupcakes to Spread Charity and Cheer

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1000283_202586449896259_955183138_nA group of young ladies in Wisconsin have turned to the power of cupcakes to help them in their quest to raise money for charities. The Girls Bake Club was created by Madison Cloutier, Alysha Nelson, Cynthia Manson, and Ajia Hayden when they wanted to raise money for the Go Bo! Foundation. Baking cupcakes with orange frosting to match the foundation’s color scheme. Selling the cupcakes in local stores, the girls were able to raise over a thousand dollars for the charity. Wanting to continue what they started and help other worthy causes, the Girls Bake Club is reaching out with further cupcake sales.

The proceeds from selling their breast cancer aligned cherry chip cupcakes with pink icing went to a local cancer center. In addition to their cupcake efforts, the girls are encouraging others to make a difference through whatever acts they can, large or small. Connecting with supporters on their new Facebook page and website, the girls have spent their summer baking cupcakes and gathering supplies for their local Humane Society. They are hoping to do a similar combination of cupcakes and donation boxes in conjunction with heading back to school to provide supplies for fellow students whose families may not be able to afford the necessary supplies on their own.

cam,era 329How much they are able to do during the school year is unclear right now, but the Girls Bake Club does have a Daily Deeds project on their website to keep the charitable spirit alive and well year round. In many ways, their mission is not just about raising and donating money where it can be most appreciated. They enjoy what they do and they want to help others to enjoy themselves as well, especially through the little things in life. There is some information on their Facebook page as well as their website regarding how to help the Girls Bake Club keep up their work in the kitchen.

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