New Boozy Cupcake to Celebrate Prohibition Bakery’s Anniversary

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champagnecupcakeProhibition Bakery in New York City is celebrating one year of mixing cupcakes and cocktails at their Lower East Side storefront with more than just a little bubbly. After all, when boozy cupcakesare your business, no ordinary celebratory champagne cupcake will suffice and nothing says one-year anniversary like a cupcake inspired by Ernest Hemingway and called Death in the Afternoon. The self-proclaimed original alcoholic cupcake company decided to add a champagne filling to their champagne cupcake before topping it with absinthe frosting and a champagne and lemon cube. This particular flavor looks like it will only be available for a limited time while they celebrate their anniversary with fans and customers.

Though they only come as mini-cupcakes, Prohibition Bakery’s boozy cupcakes are carefully constructed to have the full flavor of classic cocktails and the booze they use is very real. You need to show an ID to enjoy most of their boozy cupcakes though they do offer several virgin flavors (though they won’t be turning out red velvet or straying far from their niche into other traditional cupcake flavors any time soon). Hopefully as their business grows and expands, their cupcakes can grow in size as well (though the size might also have something to do with complying with New York’s laws regarding volume and alcohol content). For now, the shot-sized treats will have to do.prohibition bakery logo

Shunning the trappings of most specialty cupcake shops that have come to be associated with the cupcake’s rise in popularity, Prohibition Bakery hopes to outlast pastry and dessert fads like cronuts (which some believe is contributing to an apparent down-trend in the cupcake’s popularity) to keep their boozy cupcakes a must have treat for New York City residents and tourists.

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