Cupcake Cat Collar Giveaway and Review

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Recently I received a great little gem in the mail from Sweet Pickles Design! A cupcake collar for my furry love bug, Pixel! I must say, she looks pretty snazzy in it. Here are a few pictures of her gallivanting outside in her new swag (peace name tag not included). It was really hard to get a good picture of her with the collar showing, shes quite fluffy!

And now you have the chance to win one for your furry love bug too! Sweet Pickles Design is giving away one collar for one lucky winner.

Comment below with your Cat’s name and a cute/funny/great story about your cat! If you do not have a cat, tell us what you would name your cat if you had one. One lucky winner will be picked at random one week from today.

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Good luck!

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39 Responses to Cupcake Cat Collar Giveaway and Review

  1. Naomi S.

    I have a cat named Wall-e that likes to go fishing! My brother gets the fishing rod out and fishes for cats in the house! Haha! (He uses yarn tied onto the fishing line) Wall-e likes to then proceed to drag the line all over the house!

  2. Michael Honscar

    My cat’s name is Magik. I just got her from the Humane Society about two months ago and she’s just a ball of energy. What attracted me to her was that due to having fleas in the past he was missing a good portion of her body hair and that’s why everyone was passing her up for adoption. But I saw past that and saw what a great kitty she is.

  3. Anne

    I do not have a cat because of my families cat allergy, but i volunteer at the animal shelter, and care for many cats. There is one cat in particular named Candace. Candace is a ragdoll and is the sweetest cat. If I won the cupcake collar, I would give it to Candace, and hopefully a lucky family will find how cute she is in her cupcake collar and adopt her.

  4. Denver

    My girls name is Chloe. Chloe is a cat you see, however she does not realize she is a cat. She thinks she is my boxer, Rocky’s litter mate. She came first and Rocky was 13 weeks old when we got him but they became attached from day one. Chloe never hissed, scratched, growled, anything at Rocky. It was like he was her baby. Even now, to this day Rocky is going on 7 years old this year and Chloe is going on 9, they will lay curled up together, chloe always making sure she is laying across a paw, a leg, or his head. They love eachother its absolutely cute. Rocky has a “Rockabilly” collar and for Chloe to have a cupcake collar, it would be a perfect dueo!!

  5. Colleen G

    My kitty, Deeogie McNalfic, LOVES and I mean LOVES to “kill” my slipper and drag it down the hallway, screaming his “momma I killed it for you” song. He will do this every single night, more times if I put it back in my room after he does it!

  6. Susan

    I have a cat named Savannah. One of her favorite things to do is clean my desk. She jumps up, looks at the items on my desk and then deliberately pushes them onto the ground with her paw until my desk is clear and she can sprawl out.

    If we win the cupcake collar she will share it with my foster kitties so they can wear it at adoption events.

  7. Shannon

    I would donate this adorable collar to the sweet kitties at my local animal shelter’s “cattery”!

  8. Angela

    My cats name is Godiva. I got her in 2005 from a cat rescue. Her original name was Neva, and I wasn’t too fond of it. I started spouting off names at her and when I said Godiva she looked at me so that’s what we stuck with. The funniest memory of her is the first time we bought her catnip. We “forgot” to put the catnip away where she couldn’t get to it. We left it on the counter and the next morning when I got up for work I could so this big black spot on my floor. I turned on the lights and there was Godiva laying, and covered in, a big pile of catnip looking at me with this, “this is the BEST stuff EVER!” look on her face. I couldn’t help but laugh…

  9. Sharon

    My fancy would love to win this collar. She has her own place at the table, and always has ever since she was a kitten. I’ve never seen a cat who insist on people food as much as she does. Yet she keeps her girlish figure, and magnificent looks. One of her favorite treats are anything with almond in them. Cupcakes would look great on her.

  10. Brittney

    My cat’s name is cricket. She was only born with 3 feet but shes super fast! She has a million toys but recently we dug up part of our backyard for a garden and she’d much rather play on the mound of dirt than with any of her cat toys! She’s black so this color would show up great on her! :)

  11. Amy Orvin

    I have 5 cats. So, I will choose Ryder to write about since she is the newest edition to my furry family. I adopted Ryder 1 year ago and let me tell you, she is my little diva dah-lin’. That’s what we call her. She is such a priss but very sweet. The funniest thing Ryder does is that she loves to headbutt me with full gusto. She is such a strong little girl. She wants me to rub her head and back so bad that she just headbutts me so hard. My whole arm falls to the side, that’s how strong the diva dah-lin’ is.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Ryder would look so pretty with this cupcake collar on!

  12. Joanne DeWald

    Hissy Phit ! that’s the name i’ve had picked out for a cat for a long time now.

  13. Pam Seabrook

    My cat Nigel is nothing but trouble! He is also a sweet snuggle bug. He is two years old. I adopted him from the humane society when he was just a wee little kitten face! He enjoys: knocking things over, breaking into closets and cabinets, chewing plastic, stealing the yolks from your fried eggs, licking frosting off of cupcakes, napping, and meowing loudly! He came to me with two crooks in his tail from when it was broken… maybe that is why he is no nutty! Anyway he is a handsome lad and would look smashing in that collar!

  14. Lisa

    I have a cat named Pumpkin. His favorite thing to do is to jump onto the window ledge and to chirp at the birds. There was a time where he was chriping real loudly. My husband and I got worried so we went to the window to see what he was chirping at, it turns out there is a small frog in the window. He was trying to pet the frog and was chirping loudly because he couldnt reach

  15. Tammy

    My little one is named Zoe! Her trick is not to come when called and makes me search for her. Her favorite spot is tucked in between the pillows!!

  16. amber ketchum

    My cat named kitten would love this collar. SHe is a very lazy cat that only plays with my other cat dexter on her time. SHe is very prissy, her name should have been princess!!

  17. Rachel

    I have a kitten named Belle. She is a beautiful short haired calico and she will eat almost anything! One of her favorite treats is raw spinach. She will grab a leaf of spinach between her paws, sit on her back legs like a squirrel and bring her paws up so she can eat it. It is the funniest thing ever!

  18. Nicole

    Our Sunshine is a beautiful Tortoiseshell kitty adopted last year from the shelter. She is talkative girl and wants to be near you at all times, preferably on a lap!

  19. Breanna

    My baby girl, who is quite petite at 10 mos old but only 8 lbs, is named Miss Cali. I rescued her from a shelter in Oakland, CA. She is peach with red stripes, red orange eyes and a bright pink nose! She may be petite but her “catitude” makes her larger than life! She is my little cat dog. She loves to play fetch and tear through tin foil or whatever else is in her way to get to the oh so delicious people food inside…and yes this includes cupcakes! My kitchen has never been cleaner…I think a cupcake collar would delight my little chow kitty!

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  21. trish b.

    My cat Sugar aka “Sug” (pronounced Shoog) loves all things sweet. Although her name came before her liking of sweets, it makes the perfect confection. Her favorite is cupcakes and she always samples my batch. She is my biggest fan as I am hers. Sug is a cat who enjoys the sweeter things in life.

  22. Amy

    I had a cat named Jenkins. It was a stray. I never petted it but took care of it everyday. It lived in my backyard. She use to sit on a black chair. When the black chair was moved Jenkins didn’t find her way home. I always felt sad that Jenkins couldnt find her way home because the chair was moved.

  23. Corinne M.

    My Cat Tink, loves to be in the kitchen when I bake. I’m an amateur cake decorator and I love sweet pickles designs! I was even considering buying this collar for Tink the other day! It’s too cute! I have a apron with cupcakes all over it so if she had this one we would match when we bake together! Yay!

  24. sara

    My cat Aleister does many kooky things…hide in the closet to jump out and surprise me, jump from couch to couch while shrieking, and sliding around on the floor. He will also eat anything that hits the floor…meat, fruit, veggies, bread, anything! I made cupcakes once and he seemed to enjoy licking the icing off. Needless to say, I keep them far from him now!

  25. Victoria F.

    My cat’s name is Lillie. I’ve had her for 15 years now. She’s like my best friend. Her funny story is about my recent discovery for her favorite snack. This cat enjoys eating Twinkies! One night I’m sitting on the couch watching TV and she gets right in my face. I let have a sniff of my snack and she bites it and takes off. Then she came back for more! She wouldn’t leave me alone until it was gone. So, we both have a love for sweet things. :)

  26. Genesis Magnes

    I have a cat named Macho Nacho Cat which is a orange tabby. Hes a cat my family hates because if you scream Nacho he farts and then leaves the room and when you try to put him back in the room he looks like a dog your trying to put in the tub. He grabs the door frames like, ‘NOOO dont put me in that stinky room’ he even scratches them up. hes so funny you barely move and hes attacking you. Right now hes dreaming and running i wish i could post a video… this Cat is so FUNNY and i love it. ahh i cant even explain it.

    Then i got Boobie which is a HUGE fat black kitty.
    He loves lemon cookies he loves tents he loves buring my dogs bones in the couch and he love head bonking you. I have had him for 10 years and he surprises me everyday. His real name is FUBAR but since hes fat now his names boobie <3

  27. Angela S

    My boyfriend and I have one cat named Chloe who went from living inside broken down cars to making her way into our home! My brother who is a mechanic had noticed a kitten and it’s mom had been trying to keep warm inside vehicles at his job a few winters ago. As time went on, he noticed the kitten was trying to survive on it’s own as the mom cat had stopped coming around. That was when I knew this kitten needed a home! She makes a great addition to our family, and is the sweetest cat! :]

  28. Tina Becker

    I have a 10 1/2 year old Sphynx (hairless) named Zeke. I don’t have one specific funny story, but I always crack up when the cable guy, a delivery guy. etc. comes and sees him for the first time…”what the h- is that?!”

  29. jennifer c

    We bought a small children’s piano for our 5 year old daughter and after she went to bed, guess who was playing it!!

  30. Sourkraut

    Loofy is our only cat whom we can get to wear a collar and she would look so cute in this! She is a big sweetheart but lacking in the brains department. When we first brought her home from the shelter she was so befuddled by our spiral staircase that for almost a month we had to carry her up and down the stairs with us. If we were downstairs watching TV she’d go to the top of the stairs and make pathetic little noises because she wanted to be with us. She has since figured out how to navigate the treacherous staircase but still occasionally runs into furniture. That poor child.

  31. Jennifer B

    My cats name is Bella. We found her one night on the side of the road, wet and scared. Once we brought her home we soon realized that she was our “cat dog”. I have never had a cat talk so much and be so friendly. She quickly became our baby, and can never imagine why anyone would not keep such a wonderful friendly cat.

  32. Amy Moore

    Our 7yr old cat was found under a truck at the dealership my husband works for. So we decided to name her Chevy. She “escaped” for a few days before we had a chance to get her fixed and came home pregnant. She had three kittens. We kept the one girl and decided since her momma was found under a Chevy Silverado that we would name her Silvy. Cute, huh??

  33. CyndiDee

    I had a cat named Kinzie that was a loving faithful companion for 13 years. We put her to sleep last year and I miss her very much. I haven’t found a cat to replace her yet, and not sure I ever will. However, if I win this collar, I’ll definitely use it. My clown name is “Cupcake” and I’d love to put the collar on a wire leash and show the kiddos my invisible cat named Sprinkles (of course, what’s a Cupcake without Sprinkles). I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and this collar would be perfect!!

  34. PEZ Pirate

    My cat Bajingo would loom adorable in this collar. He clumsy Siamese mix that thinks he is a puppy dog.

  35. Rini

    I do not own a cat, but this collar would look super sweet on the one that I groom, Mercedes Muffinpuss!

  36. Kim

    I have a cat named cupcake and she is funny because she likes to hide under our bed and when I walk in the room she does nothing but when my boyfriend walks up to the bed she attacks his feet. Lol She loves me the best lol

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  39. Kathy

    My cats name is Puff-Ball. He is a very curious cat. One day, I freaked out because there was a spider crawling on my floor! Puff-ball, just lay there next to the spider and stared at it wide-eyed. Then, out of nowhere, he got up, smelled the spider, and put it in its mouth! How gross! Then he spit out the dead spider, and left my room. He was my hero that day!

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