New Cupcake Magazine!

By on March 27th, 2012 . Filed under: Decorating, News, Press .

There’s a new cupcake magazine in town! Cake Decorating magazine has just launched in Great Britain and Ireland. Don’t live there? Don’t panic–you can subscribe!

This weekly publication will help beginners learn to decorate like the pros. And each issue comes with decorating tools! Issue #1 comes with a set of butterfly cutters, pink decorating glitter, and a gingham cupcake stand. And subscribers receive additional free gifts including a portable cake caddy, a set of silicone bakeware, and a biscuit and sugar craft gun.

Learn more at the Cake Decorating website. You can also follow the new pub on Twitter and Facebook!


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2 Responses to New Cupcake Magazine!

  1. Judy R

    You can’t subscribe to this magazine if you live in the US.

  2. nina rios

    I would love to subscribe to this magazine asap. please

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