Cupcake Bubble?

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Jacob Goldstein of NPR posed the question today:  Are We in a Cupcake Bubble?

The article is hilarious, though any reader of All Things Cupcake would certainly find his logic flawed.  No, we are not in a cupcake bubble — cupcakes have always been the superior dessert!  Duh!

Goldstein, writing as part of NPR’s Planet Money series, expresses his befuddlement about the cupcake craze, the fact that cupcakeries are springing up all around him, and the fact that employment in the restaurant and bar industry is picking up in New York City — with particular strength in the cupcake business, according to the WSJ’s Metropolis Blog.

He too, gives Sex and the City all the credit.

But you and I know … cupcakes have earned their place at the top.  Goldstein, obviously, just hasn’t had a good one lately.  Maybe we should send him some.

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3 Responses to Cupcake Bubble?

  1. Lauren

    Cupcakes have always been around…it’s just been in the last 10 years that people realized how terrifically awesome they are. It’s SO much easier to personalize a cupcake than a cake…or to fill a cupcake…and it’s also easier to do quality control with a cupcake rather than a cake. It’s just easier and more fun! This isn’t a cupcake bubble…this is just a cupcake world!

  2. Can I bring cupcakes in my carry-on luggage?

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  3. African mango

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