Who’s your sugar daddy?

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It appears according to a story in the Christian Science Monitor that in Jordan, what is Western, is cool. This is particularly so, with what is American and to be honest, what is better than an American style cupcake?

The Sugar Daddy is one of a number of businesses that have set up in Amman over the past decade inspired by successful American businesses.  It is a small market, at a little over $2 a cupcake, only the top 5 percent of Jordanian’s can afford them, but this hasn’t stopped business from booming.  Most customers speak English, and Mr Jaber the owner felt that in this way, kids that had studied abroad could remember their time overseas, with this little piece of America in their city.

Mr Jaber’s Sugar Daddy Bakery stores have also opened in Dubai and in Beirut.

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  1. Jen

    I’m so excited to see this. I’ve recently move to Amman from DC and I am to craving Georgetown Cupcakes. Thanks for the post.

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