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How Cupcakes Became America’s Favorite

By on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011


I’ll admit, I’m not usually one to read the business news, but yesterday, an article in Business Insider caught my attention. (Or maybe it was the picture.) The article, Here’s How Cupcakes Became America’s Favorite Sweet Treat, could also be called “Cupcake Fairytale” or “The Cupcake’s Meteoric Rise to the Top.” The engrossing article highlights some of America’s favorite cupcakeries, and looks at the rise of the cupcake from a business perspective. What shocked me were the dollar signs. I tend to take life one cupcake at a time, taking the time to stop and smell the cupcakes, if you will, but this article taught me that for some people: cupcakes is big business!

Cupcake Bubble?

By on Friday, July 16th, 2010

Jacob Goldstein of NPR posed the question today:  Are We in a Cupcake Bubble?

The article is hilarious, though any reader of All Things Cupcake would certainly find his logic flawed.  No, we are not in a cupcake bubble — cupcakes have always been the superior dessert!  Duh!

Goldstein, writing as part of NPR’s Planet Money series, expresses his befuddlement about the cupcake craze, the fact that cupcakeries are springing up all around him, and the fact that employment in the restaurant and bar industry is picking up in New York City — with particular strength in the cupcake business, according to the WSJ’s Metropolis Blog.

He too, gives Sex and the City all the credit.

But you and I know … cupcakes have earned their place at the top.  Goldstein, obviously, just hasn’t had a good one lately.  Maybe we should send him some.

Cupcakes without the calories?

By on Sunday, July 11th, 2010

That is what springs to mind when reading and watching the news clip on NewsNet5 about Ohio based American Greeting Cards‘ new range of cards called Tasties.

So ‘yesterday’, are cards which stimulate the other four major senses, visual cards, textured cards, cards which play music or that smell.  We now have cards that we can lick and apparently ‘eat’.

Each ‘Tasty’ will be themed and come with a deliciously dissolvable flavor-strip, safely sealed inside the card which matches the theme.  One such card will feature a mouth-watering image of a cupcake and reads “If nothing else, birthdays are a great excuse to eat cake”.  Of course you want to know the flavor, this one is vanilla cupcake!

Though this isn’t the limit of the new ‘Tasty’ cards, you can get everything from donuts to margaritas, though I am not sure if they meet the newsreaders requirement from the above article and have a bacon card just yet.  No doubt the bacon, burger and hot dog cards are not too far away!

Cupcakes in Danger?

By on Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Are cupcakes in danger of losing their popularity to other desserts? Back in March we shared with you an NPR article which claimed macaroons to be the new cupcake.  Now two other desserts are threatening to take the cupcake’s spot.  The August issue of Food and Wine Magazine had an article about the increasingly trendy pie which asked “Are pies the new cupcakes? They’re becoming just as ubiquitous at online stores and new restaurants with pie counters.”

And now that the hot summer here, the popsicle is another proposed successor to cupcakes.  On July 7, 2010, a blog post from Allegations of Deliciousness titled “Popsicles are the New Cupcakes” claimed unique popsicles are all the rage. Last summer, Hooks for Cooks might have prediected the future with their post titled “Popsicles will rival cupcakes”  She even quoted a friend saying ” I predict they will take over from cup cakes as the hottest new craze this Summer.” I know here in North Carolina, we have Locopops, a hand-crafted, gourmet popsicle company that began in Durham, NC and has expanded to have four locations and various venders in the Research Triangle Park region.  So cupcake fans, what do you think, will cupcakes lose their top spot?

Los Angeles Times Features Cupcake Gallery

By on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

On Sunday, the LA Times paid tribute to beautiful cupcakes by posting a gallery of gorgeous cupcake images!

Here’s my favorite:

Or maybe this one is my favorite:

I just love it when cupcakes get the attention they deserve!

 Check the rest of them out here!

Sweet Surrender Cupcake Contest

By on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Sweet Surrender Cupcake & Cookie Cafe, of Boynton Beach, Florida is hosting a recipe contest!

They are looking for a new cupcake to add to their menu!  Do you have a recipe to send them?  They will name the winning cupcake after its creator!  (I’ve always wanted to have a cupcake named after me!)
Sweet Surrender will award the winning recipe with 10% of the first month’s sales of the winning cupcake!
Rules can be found at Sweet Surrender’s Blog and all entries must be recieved by June 4, 2010!

Cupcakes outside Metropolitan Museum

By on Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Making headlines since it was announces earlier this week was the news that a Cupcake Vendor will now be located outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  The 5th Avenue spot once featured a Hot Dog Vendor but now cupcakes are seen as a possible money making possibility for the city.   Cake and Shake will be providing the cupcakes and have already said that flavors have unique names but are based off of childish ideas.  Since New York is often a trend setter, it is no surprise that the company is green, featuring organic ingredients, solar powered carts, and eco-friendly packaging.  Cakes and Shakes will set up shop in June.