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Sprinkles Dog Cupcakes

By on Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Just the other day I blogged about how we spoil our dog and how you can find some fun cupcake treats at Petco.  Today our dog got a special surprise, dog cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes!  Upon returning home from a business trip in Dallas, Texas my dad presented me with half a dozen cupcakes for me and a small bag.  The bag had two mini cupcakes with fondant bones on top for our dog! The doggie cupcakes cost $2.50 each and are sugar free cupcakes topped with yogurt “frosting.” Read the rest of this entry »

Petco Cupcake Treats for Dogs

By on Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Do you spoil your dog with special treats and toys?  Here at my house we definitely spoil our one year old dog.  He loves treats and I’m sure he would love these Gourmet Tails Cupcakes with Sprinkles.  The dog treats are available in vanilla and carob flavors for $4.79.  There are also 6 packs of cupcakes for dogs available in three flavors, carob mint, vanilla oat flake, and peanut butter.  If you’re unsure about feeding your dog cupcake treats there is a Valentine’s Squeaky Cupcake toy for $3.99.  All of these fun dog treats and toys are available on the Petco website.

Cupcake Doggie Attire

By on Monday, September 26th, 2011

Do you know a dog worthy of the royal cupcake treatment? Check out these offerings from The Sassy Pup!

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Swing Design Cupcake Pet Charms

By on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

I don’t think my giant, slobbering bloodhound would appreciate this adornment, but if you’ve got one of those clean, cute, little, foo foo pups, you might want to check it out. What discerning foo foo creature wouldn’t want a rhinestone around her neck? And at Swing Design, a cupcake pup charm is only $5.25!

Dogs love cupcakes too!

By on Monday, March 28th, 2011

Just because your adorable pooch can’t have the real deal, there is no reason why you cannot purchase a doggy cupcake just for them!

Introducing Rooney, a three year old Boston Terrier, who totally adores his treats!  In fact Rooney will do just about anything for a treat, so what started off as trick to balance dog treats on her nose has now developed into this spectacular talent of balancing cupcakes! Unfortunately though, there are no cupcake treats for dogs, well not that I know of, so Maria (Rooney’s owner) introduced plush fabric cupcakes!  The only shame is that they fail to last very long!

Rooney is also the inspiration behind Maria’s new cupcake business RooneyGirl Bakeshop!

Sylvia Cupcakes

By on Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Cupcakes go with everything, including the theatre.  Sylvia is a comedic play about a dog and the quarrelsome couple who adopts her.  It is written by A.R. Gurney and was first performed in 1995 at the Manhattan Theatre Club.  Sarah Jessica Parker played the part of Sylvia.  That’s right — the dog. 

The play is still popular in theatres all over the country, and Mariel, an ATC reader, just submitted this fabulous photo of her Sylvia cupcakes, which she made to celebrate a production near her!

She cut the pawprints out of colored gumpaste, then rolled white gumpaste into little balls, which she flattened and attached with royal icing.  To make the “dogtags,” she tied scrapbook adornments into a bow, and then cut one side of the bow!  Isn’t she clever?   Thanks for sharing, Mariel!


Cupcake princess, mouse and kitten

By on Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I so just had to share this most adorable few cupcakes with you.  Sometimes I like to cruise Flickr or Cake Central looking for cupcake ideas and inspiration, and I was doing that over at Cake Central today with their 2009 FairyTale Contest when all of a sudden I found this absolutely amazing cupcake in amongst all those big cakes.  The kitten and mouse are priceless!  Well done to Niknips Cakes who created them.