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St. Pats. Peppermint Cookies Cream

By on Saturday, March 7th, 2009

New for St. Patty’s Day.
Vegan or Regular.

Michelle Garcia – Co-Owner/Executive Pastry Chef
Vinny Garcia – Co-Owner/Executive Cake Crusader

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The Bleeding Heart Bakery
1955 W. Belmont ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60657

photo credit -bill
St. Pats. Peppermint Cookies Cream, originally uploaded by The Bleeding Heart Bakery.

Apron Giveaway from Cupcake Provocateur! *closed*

By on Friday, March 6th, 2009

Do we have a fabulous giveaway in store for our readers! Not only is Cupcake Provocateur donating the SEXY Leopard Lounge Apron for our giveaway. They are going to give the runner up a $25.00 gift certificate for their shop!

This apron would definitely be an apron I could see myself wearing. It’s absolutely adorable and sexy too.


Jellio’s Cupcake Seat & Table

By on Friday, March 6th, 2009

We’ve featured this before in 2007, but I just have to recap on the awesomeness that is Jellio.

Here we have this awesome cupcake seat that I wouldn’t mind having in my house:

It’s only $900 guys… I mean, seriously.

and also, we can’t forget about the cupcake table.

You know, if these items were even 50% less, I might consider it.. but they still look pretty sweet.

Crumbs has a new website and they ship!

By on Sunday, March 1st, 2009

If you haven’t checked out Crumbs Bakeshop yet, they have a new site and now ship their cupcakes! I have yet to try Crumbs cupcakes, but if you have, let us know your thoughts!

Orange County Fair – Deep Fried Food Adventure

By on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Deep fried cupcake. No batter. Frosting applied after frying. Not bad.

Where to buy the Cupcake Speakers!! Hurry!!

By on Thursday, February 12th, 2009

We love those cupcake speakers. We really do. People have been sending us emails left and right asking us… “WHERE DO I BUY THEM!??!?” and well folks, I’ve found them on ebay.. only 5 left.. there were 6 but.. I BOUGHT A PAIR! Okay.. they are from a company called SEMK but they are a foreign company and don’t sell to the USA.. so apparently, someone got their hands on some and are now selling them on ebay. What a sweet deal!

They are about 40 bucks with shipping and totally worth it.

Buy yours today, before you can never find them online anymore.. trust me, it took us a year to find them!

Click here: Ebay Listing

Cold Stone Creamery Offers New Ice Cream Cupcakes

By on Monday, February 9th, 2009


Cold Stone Creamery is adding a twist to the latest popular dessert, creating premium ice cream cupcakes, sold for a limited time nationwide for just $9.99 a pack. Known as an ice cream innovator, Cold Stone is breaking into another category for sweet indulgences with three signature cupcake Creations. Offered from Feb. 4 – March 31, 2009, these cupcakes are the sweetest gift for any sweetheart during Valentine’s Day.

In recent years the cupcake trend has been sweeping the country with more and more cupcake specialty shops sprouting in every city. This trend, inspired by popular television, such as Sex and the City, has made its way out of children’s parties and into the adult world as a delectable treat for most any occasion, from birthdays to promotions to celebrating a Friday.

“These ice cream cupcakes are a perfect new addition to Cold Stone’s offerings of indulgent desserts,” said Suzanne Schutz, vice president of Cold Stone marketing. “We’ve enhanced our menu of deliciously affordable luxuries, while creating a new setting for cupcake lovers to experience this sweet trend.”

Made in a rich Belgian chocolate shell, the Cold Stone ice cream cupcakes are layered with moist cake, fudge and premium ice cream. Topped with fluffy frosting and an edible decoration, these cupcakes are true to the Cold Stone brand as an innovative and quality indulgence. The three Cold Stone signature cupcakes are Cake Batter Delux, Sweet Cream and Double Chocolate Devotion™. Descriptions of these three cupcakes are below.

* Cake Batter Delux: Moist red velvet cake layered with fudge [and] Cake Batter ice cream in a rich Belgian chocolate shell and topped with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
* Sweet Cream: Moist yellow cake layered with fudge and Sweet Cream ice cream in a rich Belgian chocolate shell, finished with Bettercreme frosting and Duo Mistrals topping.
* Double Chocolate Devotion: Moist Devil’s Food cake layered with fudge and chocolate ice cream in a rich Belgian chocolate shell and topped with Bettercreme frosting and an OREO® cookie.

For a limited time only, these cupcakes can be purchased at any Cold Stone Creamery location nationwide at $9.99 for a pack of a half dozen cupcakes. The cupcakes can come in a single flavor or a variety pack, and since it is Cold Stone, guests also have the ability to create their own ice cream cupcake at select locations.

Another sweet treat in Cold Stone stores, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is the Sweet Strawberry Romance ice cream cake. Sweet Strawberry Romance puts a new twist on the traditional Cold Stone Signature Cake. Instead of just one ice cream flavor, Cold Stone is swirling Sweet Cream and Strawberry ice cream together in addition to adding strawberry mix-ins. This ice cream creation is then layered between sheets of moist yellow cake and finished with pink frosting, crumbled graham cracker pie crust and chocolate heart toppers. Sweet Strawberry Romance is available from February 4–14, 2009, at Cold Stone Creamery locations throughout the country.

Article from Business Wire. Picture from Coldstone’s website.