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Red Velvet, Red Carpet Cupcake Proposal

Posted by on February 12th, 2012

Cupcakes Gourmet in Pennsylvania is offering you all a fabulously delicious way to propose to that one very special person in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Picture a delicious red velvet cupcake, topped with cream cheese frosting – but look again – is that a eight-carat diamond engagement ring perched in the frosting? Why, yes it is!

Cupcakes Gourmet is offering this perfect diamond encrusted cupcake for Valentine’s for $55,000!

Any girl who gets this cupcake this Valentine’s Day is one lucky gal!

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Kohl’s Valentine’s Day Cupcake Items

Posted by on January 30th, 2012

Last week I ran into my local Kohl’s and was excited to see all of the cupcake items they were offering for valentines day.  You could easily decorate your whole kitchen in red, pink, hearts, and cupcakes!  These items would  also make great gifts for your special valentine.  For the kitchen there are cupcake placemats, aprons, kitchen towels and a vinyl tablecloth.  The table wouldn’t be complete without the 3 stacking bowls, cupcake shaped mug and spoon, and the serving platter.  You are also going to want the cupcake hand towel and my Kohl’s had a cute cupcake sign that isn’t on the website.  These cupcake items are on sale and affordable so be sure to stop by your local Kohls since Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away!

Petco Cupcake Treats for Dogs

Posted by on January 8th, 2012

Do you spoil your dog with special treats and toys?  Here at my house we definitely spoil our one year old dog.  He loves treats and I’m sure he would love these Gourmet Tails Cupcakes with Sprinkles.  The dog treats are available in vanilla and carob flavors for $4.79.  There are also 6 packs of cupcakes for dogs available in three flavors, carob mint, vanilla oat flake, and peanut butter.  If you’re unsure about feeding your dog cupcake treats there is a Valentine’s Squeaky Cupcake toy for $3.99.  All of these fun dog treats and toys are available on the Petco website.

Cupcake Decor for Valentine’s Day

Posted by on January 2nd, 2012
I am sad to say that Christmas is done and we have at least 10 months until the decor comes back to our local stores.  One bright spot right now is that most retail stores have already made the jump into Valentine’s Day.   And what goes great with Valentine’s Day decorations?  Cupcakes of course!  Check out what Kohl’s has in store for this year! 


Cookie Jar

 These are just a few of my favorite items.  Kohl’s also has towels, bowls, platters, tableclothes and many more sweet items!

DIY: Flag Cupcake Toppers

Posted by on March 26th, 2011

Ash from Butterfly Food made these flag cupcake toppers for Valentine’s Day.  I like how simple and versatile these toppers are.  All you need are bamboo skewers, cardstock, glue and of course, cupcakes.  Choosing different colored cardstock allows you to customize these toppers for any occasion.  I also really like that she made the skewers different sizes making it more visually appealing.

Happy Valentines Day ‘Hoot’

Posted by on February 13th, 2011

One thing that is almost as big as cupcakes, is a trend for really cute owls! It is no wonder then that owls, cupcakes and Valentines Day have all been combined to create a super cute gift for someone special.

These owl cupcakes were created by My Own Barn and you can find out all about them at the blog.  It is truly a haven for owl lovers with everything ‘owl’ being displayed!  But it was not the blog that got my attention, it was the cupcake, adorned with a lovely owl that was winking at me on Flickr.  You can check them out here.

Heart in a Cupcake

Posted by on February 12th, 2011

This Valentine’s Day season we have showed you how to put hearts on top of your cupcakes and bake cupcakes in the shape of hearts.  Now we share with how to bake a heart in your cupcake.  If I was a little kid and bit into one of these I know I would have freaked out in excitement.  To be completely honest, if someone made these for me now I think I would still freak out! Bake It in a Cake seems to be willing to try baking anything into a cupcake.  She once baked a pie into a cupcake!  These hearts baked in cupcakes are much more tame and the pink hearts are actually sheet cake; so you’re baking a cake in a cupcake!  Head over to Bake It In a Cake to see full instructions on how to bake hearts in your cupcakes!