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Cupcake Lovers Be Warned!

By on Monday, March 1st, 2010

NPR recently featured an article titled: Move Over, Cupcake: Make Way For The Macaroon.  The article claims that each decade tends to have a definitive sweet and that the cupcake’s time is up.  According to the article, our beloved cupcakes will soon be replaced by macaroons.  Do you agree, are macaroons the new cupcake?

The Cupcake Bubble

By on Thursday, January 28th, 2010

In my search for quality cupcake news, I’m keep seeing one word: trendy.  As with every trend, two questions come to mind:”When will the bubble burst?” and “Is all this hoopla a good thing?”

Though cupcakes have moved past the “indy cool” stage, the trend is only just going mainstream and cupcakeries are still popping up all across the country.  You’d think this would be a bonanza for cupcake fans, but in reality it’s a mixed bag.

At All Things Cupcake you can see the best side of this trend: great recipes, lots of creative ideas, and many entrepreneurs making a go of it, even in a poor economy. However, both Carmelized OpiNIONS and Kat with a K have posts this week about the downside of the cupcake bubble: overpriced product, inferior quality, and the annoying fact that cupcake have been co-opted for the purposes of conspicuous consumption.

The good thing is that all trends pass. The bursting of the cupcake bubble , whenever it happens, will have the effect of winnowing out cupcakeries- while many will go out of business, those with the best recipes and sound business plans will survive.   In the meantime, I hope that talented bakers everywhere will use this opportunity to raise some capital and that cupcake hobbyists will have a lot of fun reading all the press.

Why are Cupcakes so Popular?

By on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


This NPR discussion looks at why cupcakes and cupcake shops have become so popular.  The explanation is that we are in an economic bubble similar to what the coffee industry went through.  Cupcake shops like Magnolia, in NYC, started the trend that quickly caught on.  Now cupcake shops are popping up all over the country.  The good news is that according to the this discussion, cupcakes are still going strong and we can expect cupcake shops to continue opening up.

Cupcake Bubble Goes Global

By on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Some people say that the cupcake bubble has reached a pinnacle.  This is most likely true for certain areas of the country. Most prominent are the Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC areas; each boasting many quality cupcakes stores to enjoy and compare against.  Have certain US metropolitan areas reached saturation point for the number of cupcake stores it can support?  Yes, definitely.

Are there other areas other than the major US metropolitan areas that cupcakes have not spread to?  Yes.

Here are some other cupcakes stores that have found a home in areas you would have never have thought possible:

23 cupcake sugar daddy

After falling in love with the cupcakes and baked goods, Fadi Jaber started “Sugar Daddy’s” in his home in Amman, Jordan.  Business has been doing so well he opened new stores in Beirut and Dubai.  Aside from the original American flavors, Jaber tries to appeal to regional tastes, creating a date cupcake with cream cheese frosting, as well as pistachio with orange blossom frosting.

23 cupcake by tom mexico city

Mexico City’s cupcake king, Tom Grant, started “Cupcakes by Tom” in the middle of a country who has not been introduced to cupcakes.  About 60 customers descend on the bakery each day to scoop up a few hundred cupcakes and a hundred muffins baked every morning.  Tom is a true cupcake ambassador.

World’s Smallest Cupcake?

By on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

As Britian celebrates its National Cupcake Week (Sept 14-Sept 19), various cupcake bakeries are vying for attention in the news.  Today, Sayers and Hampson’s, a UK chain of stores and Cafés, launched their version of the world’s smallest cupcake.  Measuring 1.5 cm wide and 3 cm high, it is truly a tiny morsel.  Sayers said the Guinness Book of Records entry for the World’s Smallest Cupcake has never been recorded, so it is hoping its mini baked good will be a worthy contender.

smallest cupcake

tiniest cupcake

Happy Belated Birthday Hostess® CupCake

By on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The iconic Hostess® CupCake celebrated 90 years as America’s squiggle-topped cupcake on Monday September 14. Americans eat more than 600 million Hostess® CupCakes every year more than any other snack cake. I was most likely given my first Hostess® CupCake as a small child and I still enjoy them when looking for a little treat. Happy Birthday CupCake!


Seattle Style’s Perfect 10 – Cupcakes

By on Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Cupcake photos represented on this post are from the website of Cupcake Royale

“Welcome to Seattle Style’s Perfect 10, where we pick a topic and bring you what we feel are the top 10 from that category … be it make-up for your wedding day, wedding resource books, or best places to honeymoon! You’ll find it here on Seattle Style’s Perfect 10!

Today’s perfect 10 tastes AMAZING! Seattle Style is giving their tastebuds a little party with … CUPCAKES!!! … Plus, if you know our Senior Editor, Heather, then you know she’s OBSESSED with cupcakes :)  We’ve done our research and believe that we have the 10 yummiest cupcakes in the Seattle area. So, get ready to be pretty hungry as you read our Perfect 10 Cupcakes post!  Also, keep in mind that our Perfect 10 posts are not in any certain order … we love all our Perfect 10 Cupcakes equally and for different reasons :)”

Read the rest of the article here.