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ATC Review: Cheesecake Mini’s

By on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Let’s Eat-Everything Food is a division of Buckets Full of Everything Food.  Buckets Full of Everything Food is the creative company of Ilyse Rothman, a food stylist, chef and much more.  With years of culinary experience behind her she has spent decades perfecting the her skills in the kitchen.  Now she brings us cupcake sized cheesecake minis.

Included in the review package was two mini cheesecakes and a sample of cinnamon caramel crack corn, taste bud crack corn that is.  The savory popcorn mixed with the sweet caramel and spice from the cinnamon was addictive and could have easily been finished in one sitting.  After sampling the popcorn I had a feeling I would not be disappointed with the cheesecakes.  As a huge cheesecake fan, I even had cheesecake instead of birthday cake one year, I can honestly say this is good cheesecake.  The mini cheesecakes had wonderful flavor, in addition to good mouthfeel and texture.  They were smooth and creamy but not too soft.  Similarly the graham cracker base nicely complimented the cheesecake but was not overpowering.  I also liked that it held it’s shape and was not too crumbly. Read the rest of this entry »

ATC Review: Hotel Chocolat

By on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Hotel Chocolat is one of the largest chocolate companies in the United Kingdom.  In addition to offering their chocolate in the UK, they serve the US!  Hotel Chocolat offers a wide variety of Christmas gifts which are great for the upcoming holiday season.

ATC was sent a large selection of chocolates to review but sadly when the giant box of chocolate, which would excite anyone with a sweet tooth, arrived it was melted due to issues with shipping.  Although some chocolate  had been melted beyond edibility, a portion of the chocolates remained intact enough to sample. Read the rest of this entry »

ATC Review: Cupcake Cuties

By on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Cupcake Cuties are cupcake decorating kits for weddings, birthdays, holidays and other celebrations. And using them is really as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Each kit contains a 24 self adhesive themed sleeves and decorative garnish, so all you need is a frosted cupcake.  The kits also include easy to follow instructions and a picture of what the final product is supposed to look like.

We here at ATC were sent two cupcake cuties, the scary scull and the football.  For the scary skulls I made vanilla cupcakes and used vanilla frosting.  Once they were frosted I dipped them in the provided white sprinkles.  Then wrapped the sleeve around the cupcake and topped with an included spider.  For the footballs I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  As instructed I used a toothpick to draw a football then using the included white writing gel to draw the lines.  The kit also had green sprinkles to use as grass and a sleeve to finish the cupcake. Read the rest of this entry »

ATC Review: DreamInk Apparel

By on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

DreamInkApparel is a small Etsy shop which features quality T-shirts for the whole family.  Designer and illustrator Aisling Coyle has created an assortment of designs appropriate for women, infants, and children.

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The Little Rawdorable Cupcake Book That Could

By on Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The raw vegan diet seems to be all the rage lately.  Eating raw foods is uber-healthy and good for the planet too.  And “raw foodists” often claim that one doesn’t have to go 100% raw to reap the benefits of consuming raw foods.  Do I want to be healthy?  Of course!  Am I willing to give up cupcakes in order to go raw vegan?  Uh …

Well, thanks to Shannonmarie, who is known to the blogosphere as Rawdorable, I don’t have to.  She has created an amazingly innovative, entertaining, and useful “uncookbook” full of tantalizing raw cupcake recipes.

Her ebook details how to make the “cake,” gives us several different options for yummy frostings, and even describes how to make raw fondant.  Who ever heard of healthy fondant?

Her recipes range from basic to exquisite, from Pumpkin Spice to Citrus Confetti, from Basic Chocolate to Ruby Red Chai.  I’m telling you, Shannonmarie is a genius of the cupcake world.  And she’s one of those rare healthy cupcake geniuses.  (If you don’t believe me, try the Zippi Zucchini Cupcake!)

The book is jam-packed with gorgeous, inspiring photographs.  I’m tempted to blow some of them up and frame them. 

The Little Rawdorable Cupcake Book That Could is available at Rawdorable for $12.95.  It will be the best thirteen bucks you’ve invested in a while!

ATC Review: Curry Kay Designs

By on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Curry Kay Designs is  a handmade textile business based out of West Hartford, Connecticut.  Since opening her Etsy shop a little over two months ago her cupcake prints featured on aprons, dish towels, and bags have been her best seller and it’s easy to see why.  The apron and dish towels which came for us to review are beautiful.

The apron is absolutely gorgeous; it arrived while I was in the middle of baking earl grey cupcakes and I immediately put it on.  A bright, bold violet is complimented nicely by the light green trim and ties for the apron.  Unlike many aprons the neck piece on Curry Kay’s apron is adjustable thanks to two slots and a polka dot button.  The lower corner features a big, white screen printed cupcake with sprinkles and a cherry on top.  Just above the waistline is an adorable little bird.  I really liked the apron and the dish towels matched.  The dish towels are the same rich violet and feature the same cupcake image. Read the rest of this entry »

ATC Review: Belle Announcements Fine Stationery

By on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Belle Announcements: Fine Stationery was created three years ago by a stay-at-home mom with a passion for graphics.  This passion comes across in her high quality line of products.  Since the stationery is printed on 110lb cardstock with real liquid ink, there is a not only high quality but this also adds to the desirable appearance of the final products.  But not only is the quality of the product important when purchasing stationery but it also needs to catch your eye which Belle Announcements stationery does through it’s beautiful graphics.  Of course I was particularly drawn to the cupcake images on the samples I received, one of which is shown below but there are tons of other graphics for all occasions to choose from.

One of the best things about Belle Announcements is that templates are not used so everything is customizable.  Since the entire piece can be customized this means that you can change the colors, text, and graphics to meet your needs.  You even have the option to change the type of cardstock to Linen, Pearl, or Glossy.  I personally liked the pearl cardstock which appeared to sparkle.  The colors are lighter when printed on this type of cardstock so individuals looking for bright, bold colors would prefer the linen cardstock. Read the rest of this entry »