Batter Babies… perfect half and half cupcakes!

By on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

If you are looking for the latest thing in cupcakes, then this is it.  One of our newest ATC Sponsors has hit the market with a bang with these ‘babies’.

What are they exactly? Well these are ‘Batter Babies’ and make creating your two toned cupcakes a breeze!

The way they work is you line your standard baking pan with papers, then insert your Batter Babies into the papers, so they effectively dissect your cupcake into two halves.  Spoon or squirt your first cupcake color, or flavor into the first side and the other color or flavor into the other.  You then remove your Batter Babies and bake!  Too easy, but fantastic results.. so next time you are having a sports party, celebrating something at school, or wanting to create the perfect flavor combination, think about adding these to your baking accessory collection!

For more information about Batter Babies, check out Kimber Cakeware!